Want extra $$$? Just want to have FUN? Accept the “gift”!

In today’s economy, I am amazed at how many people are sitting around complaining about today’s economy, yet nothing has dramatically changed for themselves. They are sitting around in fear of what will happen tomorrow. People, we are only guaranteed today! Tomorrow has enough worries of its own.

I have heard people say, no one will come to my home party because the economy is so bad. I asked, have a group of your friends been recently laid off? Oh, no. Have any recently lost their home? Oh, no. Are they still taking family vacations, even if less extravagant?, Well, yes.

The scenario above happens in the lives of many. What I am finding, is yes, people are spending less on frivolous and wasteful items. People are wanting to be sure they are getting value for their buck, but they are still spending and still entertaining.

If you know someone who has recently been laid off or their hours have been cut, then I may have just the opportunity for them. Direct Sales (home based businesses) are at an all time high. We tend to flourish when times are considered not as good as they once were. It’s the nature of the beasts.

As a professional kitchen consultant, my business has not been affected by the economy. If someone has a friend who has or who husband has been laid off, I say be sure to invite them to your show because they definitely are in need of a “FUN” night out. She or he may be just the one whom this business is for at this time in their life. If not, they may be exactly the one who can benefit from our hosting opportunities—FREE kitchen products and discounted kitchen products. Our cooking shows have become the great way to entertain and have friends over without breaking the bank. Food, Fun, Fellowship, great products at great prices—it doesn’t get better than that!

If you or someone you know, needs to earn an additional $100, $200, $300, $500, or $5000 a month, the opportunity I have may be the perfect answer to you. The apron I wear is unisex, and comes in one size.
The apron can fit the student(18+), a retiree, the stay at home parent, a professional–paramedics, pharmacists, nurses, teachers, insurance, real estate agent, computer analyst–, a store clerk, cashier, bank teller, the person who wants discounted or free products in their own kitchen, the person wanting to earn some additional income, or the person who just wants some FUN adult time or a less stressful environment are all people whom our opportunity fits.

Who doesn’t want a little more money? Yes, some of you may want a lot more money? Others just want to have FUN! My business offers any and all of this to you. You are your own CEO, you benefit from the tax benefits of a home based business, you MUST work, but it’s flexible to fit around the job you already have, the children’s school, church, and social activities, and most people’s lifestyle.

If you would like to hear more or talk to me personally, leave me a message on how we can connect, I will send you to a direct link to my website, and you can join my team today. Whether you are in California, Tennessee, Texas, or North Carolina, you can join my team! If you move, you take your job with you. How exciting is that! Perfect for the military, too. We have a huge support team to help you. For a minimal fee, no inventory, and no territory, why wouldn’t you want to try on the apron today!

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