Thrive is a super easy-to-use program that is designed to fill nutritonal gaps. It’s 3 quick, easy steps that are all completed within the first 30 minutes of your morning, and that’s it- you’re done for the day!
1. Take 2 capsules before your feet hit the floor in the morning.
2. Drink your Lifestyle Mix.
3. Apply your DFT. (Patch, you wear 24 hours)
That’s it. You’re done. Your 3 steps are done for the day, your nutitional gaps are being filled, and you’re providing your body the nutrirtion it needs to function at peak levels, not just barely squeaking by.

What’s in it? Thrive is loaded with nutritonal goodness. If your body needs it, Thrive has it. Vitamins, antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, plant extracts, and so many other natural, healthy, good-for-you nutrients.

Why does it work? By filling in your body’s nutritional gaps, your body is now allowed to perform at peak levels. You now have energy you once didn’t have (without consuming tons of caffeine), you’re able to maintain your weight (overweight people are able lose weight, underweight people are able to gain, etc.), you build lean muscle mass from the proper nutrition you’re providing your body, you sleep better because you’re ridding your body of all the “junk” it’s built up, you wake up rested because you sleep better, and you don’t crave the unhealthy things you typically would because you’re filling your body with proper nutrition. These are a FEW of the many benefits.

Thrive is a lifestyle shift.. Not a weight loss supplement. Will it change your body? Yes. You are giving it all natural, premium nutrition designed to fill your nutritional gaps. I don’t care if you work out 3 times a day and eat nothing but veggies, fruits, and lean proteins. You STILL will have nutritional gaps. PERIOD. Along with the physical change you’ll see, it will also change your mood, your energy level, your mental clarity, your sleep, your discomforts. Why? Because your body has what it NEEDS.

It Takes 26 Seconds

Alcone Company started in 1950 as a pharmacy that also sold cosmetics and false eyelashes to Broadway showgirls and starlettes.
Our philosophy then is still the same today…find the best makeup products from around the world and offer them at affordable prices so everyone (not just the rich and fabulous) will benefit. Just one look at our consumer data lets you know we still follow that philosophy today…everyday housewives listed alongside famous actresses, models, tv personalities and socialites!
We are serious about customer satisfaction and we offer exceptional, hard-to-find products at great prices! Alcone knows makeup (period).

Did you know that it takes 26 seconds for the products you use to absorb into your bloodstream?

What’s in your ingredients list?

After selling to the industry’s top Makeup Artists for over 60 years, this family owned company [Alcone] has now made their professional line of products available to the everyday person.
Alcone specifically put together top industry PROFESSIONAL makeup products and made it available to people not working in the industry. They also put together a CHEMICAL FREE all natural skincare line. Chemical free, paraben free, phthalate free, SLS free, Synthetic Free,and Dye Free!

LimeLight is consisted of more that 50% pigmentation where as most commercial brands only have 18-20%… that’s amazing!

Even the Botanical Foundation is made of natural oils and pure waxes! It’s shown to not only cover acne, but improve acne at the same time!