Simple Things To Do With Your Children

There are so many simple things you can do with your children in this fast-paced world we live. In a “blink of the eye” your children will be all grown up and in a world of their own. If you have fed your children on the way to ball practice, cheer, or dance (multi-tasking) isn’t it time to slow down just a little during the summer to relax, enjoy them, have fun, and make memories that cannot be taken away?

Catch fireflies. (be sure to release them back at night before turning in so they don’t die). This was a FUN thing to do when we were young.

Play in the rain. (Seen several children doing this, this past week–but didn’t see the parents with them.)

Make freeze-pops. You can do this with kool-aid, fruit punch, etc in ice trays. It’s fun to do together, and it’s cool and refreshing later in the afternoon.

Lie in the grass, talking, and looking for shapes in the sky.

Find a safe place to watch a thunderstorm move in. Nature is awesome to watch. Talk about the mighty wonders only  God can make—the thunderstorms, rainbows, etc.

Take a blanket and make a tent on your trampoline, swing set, between close trees,outside chairs, on your deck or porch. Children enjoy making tents.

Make S’mores or roast marshmallows over an open pit. Teach safety as you do it. Keep coat hangers or long skewers away from the face, always pointed down, til you’re ready to use . Have a water hose near by, and always have a fire supervised by an adult. Never leave a child or teen alone by the fire because one never knows what ideas could pop in their heads, especially if friends are with them. They will do things or try things they’d never do alone.

Take a day trip to somewhere you’ve never been or to a place you’ve been and enjoyed. The aquarium, the beach, The Marbles Museum (Raleigh, NC-just $5), the park, Cliffs of the Neuse (Goldsboro, NC), The Battleship (Wilmington,NC), simply splashing around with them in the family pool, or even more fun–a kiddie pool that is rather inexpensive to purchase, water fights with water guns or balloons filled with water,  etc.

Together attend a VBS–VBS at many churches are for both the parents and the children. There are still some VBS that hasn’t taken place.

Play board games together after a nice family meal around the table. Around the dinner table is where the real conversations take place, what happened in the day, and normally through a meal when everyone shares about the day, you can tell if something is bothering your child.

These are 10 simple things to do with your children. The simplest and least expensive things can often bring about the best memories a child will carry with them to adulthood.

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