Relaxation often comes with just needing to get away from one’s normal surroundings. Without realizing it, unconsciously, your mind is thinking not only what you need to be doing next but what you are not doing as you are trying to relax.

There are two places I can go to just forget the world as we know it. The beach is a place where I feel totally “free”. I hear the surf, smell the ocean air, see the birds flying, and watch the waves come in and go out effortlessly it seems. The cares of the day and yesterday and thoughts of responsibility just vanish.

Another place I feel that is on the golf course. The score isn’t important to me. ┬áIt’s being among nature, where it’s quiet and peaceful! The green grass, the animals you can see scurrying around, the tranquility, and the beautiful sky are nice.

These places help me find the relaxation/stress-free mode my mind and body needs.

Couple the surroundings with a lifetime friend(s) and it’s priceless!

Take a few minutes to enjoy the surf, today! Your mind and body will be glad you did!

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