Pampered Chef, A Direct Sales Choice!

How much do you need to get started in a direct sales company? The finances needed does differ among companies.

Pampered Chef is a home based business which has a start up fee of just $155 plus tax or a smaller kit can be purchased for $80 plus tax.  This is an extremely small amount of money that can turn a huge profit for your very small investment. Many consultants meet consultant status “qualification” within their 30 days, earning commission checks of $287 or more by just doing 2-6 shows.  After 30 days, the investment is recouped, the training is local and much of their training can be accessed through conference calls and/or online training.

The Pampered Chef changes its catalogs only twice a year. The consultant kit comes with catalogs, receipts, videos, and recipes to make with the products in the kit. To reward new consultants beginning their business, they offer new consultant rewards to be earned FREE within a consultants first 90 days–from additional FREE products, to Pampered Chef Dollars where a consultant gets to choose FREE products or supplies, and a special discounted supply box.

Within Pampered Chef’s new consultant kit, is an awesome software program that will run on a Windows or a Mac computer. The software program allows simplification of the business process of ordering, including the ability to figure sales tax etc. based on the area of the country you happen to be.

The company offers all consultants the opportunity to earn FREE, all the new products during each season change by doable sales goals in a given month prior to the new products being available to their customers. And a consultant never needs to pay full price for his or her products.

Regardless of which direct sales company you choose to partner with, be sure it is a credible company where you earn money. For some companies, lots of inventory is needed to succeed or your companies’ catalogs change weekly, monthly or quarterly. After thirty years of business, The Pampered Chef’s  only inventory needed is what comes in the new consultant kit. With other companies, the show  orders  may come to you to deliver.The only show orders delivered by the consultant are the shows the consultant decided to have of her own. All show orders are shipped directly to the host.

If you  have “more wants” than your present circumstances are allowing  or you need to make a particular amount of money within a minimal time frame or rotating block of time, then Pampered Chef’s direct sales business opportunity may be what you are needing.

If you are willing to share positive experiences and follow proven methods/systems, you can succeed in this flexible, small investment, no inventory business opportunity.  If any of this perks your interest, I’d like to discuss more if Pampered Chef may be the right “fit” for you.  I’d love to help you show others how being in the kitchen doesn’t have to be a chore, and how to prepare delicious meals simply without a lot of fuss and/or ingredients.

It’s wonderful hearing:

  • how families are returning to the dinner table rather than be the parent who is the “drive thru” queen or king of meals.
  • families are taking time to eat together for breakfast or dinner prior to the family events and that family communication around the dinner table is becoming a cherished time in their homes.
  • how the business has helped others meet their mortgage payments, purchased a needed car, or pay their child’s tuition or how the income has paid taxes or given them the “adult” time they needed for their sanity.

Personally, I’m enjoying life! Pampered Chef has given me the opportunity to work within the limitations of my health disabilities, giving me the income and flexibility I need  to spend quality time with my parents, children, and grandchildren, while helping others find financial freedom and the ability to put meals on their tables in 30 minutes or less. God is Good!

You can help make a difference in the lives of others through your own Pampered Chef Business too. Regardless of where in the country you live, I can help you get started today. Email your interest today :  [email protected] or friend me on FB,

Yvonne Deatherage,Independent Director, The Pampered Chef

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