Operation Bandanas Order Form

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base
Neuse Baptist Association
WMU Mission Project
Church, Business or Organization
Contact Person
Day Phone ____________________________________________________
Evening Phone_________________________________________________
Email Address__________________________________________________
Mailing Address________________________________________________
Shipping address (if applicable)_____________________________________
________________Bandanas @ $3.50 = _$__________________
Personal signing or personal shipping
include shipping fee of $5.00 _$5.00_____________
total ___________________
Check all that apply:

_____________ Personal (Ship back to contact @ address above)
***be sure to add shipping and handling
************Be sure to check how many of each you want sent to you-
bandanas are colored according to the branch of service*********
_______ Air Force ______ Army ______Marine _______ Navy
________________Send Completely Packaged to Seymour Johnson AFB
________________We would like to sign the note cards that go in our packets.
The notecards will be sent to your address, you will sign the cards, and return
them to the Fayetteville address so they can be placed in the packages with the
bandanas. ****(Add an additional $5 for shipping and handling)*****
________________We would like to package our own bandanas.
The notecards and bandanas would arrive unfolded at your shipping address.
You would need to fold bandanas, put the bandana and cards in a ziplock or
Glad Sandwich bag. You would then need to ship them to the base.
_______________We would like to go to Fayetteville, NC to volunteer to fold
bandanas as a ministry project. Please contact us with available dates.

Make Checks Payable to : Operation Bandanas
Bulk rate: $3.50 per bandana
Mail Checks With Completed Form to:
Yvonne Deatherage P.O.Box 181 Pink Hill, NC 28572

For more information:
Inez Owens
[email protected]

Yvonne Deatherage
[email protected]

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