“New Beginnings Can Jump Start Your 2012”

We, as people, begin to search our lives and evaluate things around us as the New Year begins. Some make resolutions to change this or that and others make short or  long term goals.

All these things are good but to do these, we must not only evaluate and critique, but in making and setting a goal, we need a roadmap, a plan to reach that goal. The goal must also be an attainable/reachable goal.

Goal setting is a must in all areas of our lives. When setting goals, generalized goals, such as I want to lose 50 pounds in 2012, or I want to earn more $ in 2012, are nice goals but are less likely to be attained if you do not have a roadmap to get there.

Have you ever been on vacation without knowing where you were going? Once in awhile this could be a fun adventure but most of us, would not leave home with our children or pets for a vacation without knowing where we were going, how long it would take to get there, will we need to make stops along the way, how far between stops, etc.

My niece, for example, in driving from NC to Texas with her young daughter and large dog, knew how often they would need to rest and even how long to drive each day before getting a room. She checked ahead, to see within that mileage, which places would allow her to keep her dog within her room.

If you don’t know where you are headed, you don’t know how to pack, the type of clothes or accessories you might need while away. So being prepared, is not only key to a trip or vacation with family but key in all parts of our lives.

In a direct sales business and all home based businesses, we must set goals.

What would we like to see from our business in 2012? Once we know we want something, WHY do we want it? How will attaining that goal make us or our families happier, healthier, or financially sound?

Once we know our WHY, then you need to know how (the roadmap) to get to the goal.One friend often says, “if your WHY” doesn’t make you cry, it isn’t large enough”; meaning, you haven’t delved deep enough within yourself to why you want to reach that goal.

First you need to write your goal down. You also need to know by when do you need to accomplish the goal. It needs to be an attainable goal so you must ask yourself, is this a realistic goal in this amount of time.

To figure it out, let’s say you have a goal for the year. You need to divide that goal by 12 months so you know what needs to be accomplished monthly, then divide by 4 so you know what you need to accomplish weekly.

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Now does it look more doable? If not, then you need to rethink the goal if your goal looks impossible. If your goal looks just a bit scary, that’s ok. We need to stretch ourselves and our goals, so we don’t get lax into thinking it’s a piece of cake and I can work on this as I please, when I please, and it will just happen. That mindset will not work at all. This is the reason so many people try to convince others, direct sales companies isn’t a real job because that person either did or knew someone who took just that approach to the business. If you want something bad enough, you will change your mindset and not be influenced by those people. You get from any business or project, what you put into the business. Often those who chose to think of it as not a job or business, also chose to not be trained or work it as a business.

All business owners must have a goal and a business plan.

Write down your Ultimate Goal. Your long term goal for the year.

Write down your Monthly Goal.

Write down your Weekly Goal.

Write down one quote that empowers you.

Did you know, only 3% of the population write down their goal? Did you know 3% of the population are millionaires?

You are 75% more likely to meet your personal or business goals if you write them down.

Now you know where you are going; you have a plan.  Now you need the roadmap to get there.So now, you must decide what it will take to get there. If you are in a party plan business, the person who introduced you to the business or your director can show you how to calculate that figure, how many shows will it take to get me to that goal?

Once your see your goals as clear, concise, inspiring, and achievable, find an accountability partner. This can be a supportive spouse, a good friend, or the person who introduced you to a business, or an up-line director, if you are in direct sales. Writing your goal down is key but sharing it, holds you accountable to your goal.

Next, give yourself four minutes each day to focus. First, for just one minute, reconnect to your business or your vision for your business. For 60 seconds, revisit what you want. Write down three things you are thankful/grateful for (should take just one minute), and in your 3rd minute, determine the quality you will embody in this day; decide the qualities you are going to live this day to show up more confident in the day. Perhaps it is to be positive, smile more, be curious, a better listener, less of a procrastinator or not going to make excuses today.  Your fourth minute is to read or recite a quote/thought that will empower you each day.

For example, mine in 2012, is “You Must DO the thing, you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

“What’s the MORE you are looking for today?”

If you are looking to earn some additional money so your family can “play more” in 2012, help pay for college, pay off college loans, help make ends meet, needing some adult or “mommy” time, or just needing to fill some “me” time, Pampered Chef could be the answer. It’s perfect for a college student because it’s flexible, can be worked around classes and it’s perfect for the full-time worker or stay at home Mom, because the hours are flexible to work around most schedules. If you are looking for supplemental income where you can find a healthy balance/harmony between work and family, it’s perfect too. There is no inventory, a very small investment to begin (less than the cost of a new outfit and matching shoes), training and support. Pampered Chef is perfect for the hobbyist, wanting to fill their kitchen with quality tools without having to pay full price, while others wanting a part-time or full-time income/earnings can achieve that, too, with The Pampered Chef.

“What’s the MORE you are looking for?”

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