“Money Loves Speed.”

“Money Loves Speed.”
– Dan Kennedy

Shared from Sales Diva,Kim Duke

“We’re ALL busy.  But that’s NOT speed.

In my world- speed is acceleration with INTENT.

Most of the best opportunities in my business have happened (and are happening!) VERY QUICKLY.

From speaking engagements, media attention or even a call from an interested prospect – the good stuff tends to happen quickly.


So get ready – I’m about to get bossy.

Why Are You Stalling Your Success?

You work hard in your business – I know you do.

But you’re probably making this mistake (and if you aren’t – HOORAY!)….

  • You stall on calling them back
  • You procrastinate on sending the proposal (7 days later – really???)
  • You dawdle (my mom’s word) with the estimate
  • You forget to send the package
  • You avoid setting up the meeting
  • You don’t call any of the leads from the tradeshow

And someone who was once very interested in buying from you (a HOT CUSTOMER) has now contacted SOMEONE ELSE.

I have 2 words for you.


I know you’re busy and YES we’ve all slipped sometimes.  But – it can’t be A HABIT.

I don’t think you want to work this hard, invest time, money, and energy to just allow potential customers to slip through your fingers because “You’re getting around to it.”

“Money Loves Speed”

Remember – the customer DIDN’T ONLY CALL YOU.  They’ve probably contacted at least 2 other companies.

So by being a slow-poke – you’re going directly AGAINST one of the laws of money:

“Money Loves Speed”

My advice to you, sugar?

You know which customers or prospects you need to connect with.

So pick up the phone, Fed-Ex the samples, process the order, email them the proposal, and get the damn invoice done.


So there.”

Love from Your Bossy Sales Diva,


Kim Duke – Sales Expert For Women www.salesdivas.com

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