Military Love Gift

This is a means to give back to our military, whose fighting in behalf of us, so many are in harms way.
For example, $200 would put 40 bandanas in the hands of men and women requesting them. It’s an awesome gift of love to do in memory and/or in honor of someone who has served.
Check out the summary of operational bandanas and explore the website. It’s a phenomenal ministry, I’ve been proud to work with for many years through the NC WMU & Associational WMU.
The founder Mary B Gray is not only a retired military wife, the mother of soldiers, mother-in-law to a soldier’s wife, grandmother to a soldier’s children, but a friend and sister in Christ!
“Some have asked what the Psalm 91 bandana costs and what the procedure is to get the bandanas into the hands of our troops. It is a finely tuned operation that could not exist without donors and volunteers! The nuts and bolts:
(1) OpBan purchases the fabric or purchases blank bandanas if a supplier carries the pattern. Right now, we have to purchase the multicam fabric by the bolt with a minimum of 1500 yards ordered, which is quite costly.
(2) The fabric or blanks are shipped to the manufacturer who then cuts, hems, and prints whatever quantity we are able to order (based on donations) to meet a request(s).
(3) Upon completion, the manufacturer ships the prepared bandanas to OpBan.
(4) OpBan also prints a card (two-sided) that accompanies each bandana that is then packaged in a sandwich sized baggie.
(5) Once received, volunteers fold, package, and pray over the bandanas.
(6) The bandanas are then mailed to those requesting them, primarily chaplains, who want to distribute them to their Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. There is no expense to our chaplains and servicemen and women as the bandanas are given as GIFTS of love, appreciation, and spiritual encouragement. They have already “paid” for them with their service and sacrifice.
*Shipping and handling costs are a large expense in addition to the bandana itself, the insert card, and the baggies that are purchased.
**A minimum donation of $4.00 is now the cost per bandana. $5.00 per bandana would help with the shipping and handling.
Presently, we have requests for 8,000 bandanas. You can do the math. Our resources today meet 1/4 of that demand. But individuals and churches have provided 268,357 Psalm 91 bandanas since November, 2006, and donations continue to come in, so we will march on as the Lord provides through His people!
***Thank you to all who have provided, continue to provide, and will provide Psalm 91 bandanas to the extraordinary men and women serving in our armed forces through your gifts of gratitude.
“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the Shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and fortress, my God in whom I trust’.” Psalm 91:1-2
(Please share this post on your Timeline to introduce and perhaps involve others in our mission.)”~~Mary B Gray


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