Let’s WHIP Cancer, together!

October is breast cancer awareness month. Celebrating 25 years of  Awareness, Education, and Empowerment!

A “Virtual Whip Cancer Fundraiser” has been set up @ www.pamperedchef.biz/yvonnescookingshow –virtual–means you go to the website, order, pay, and have the merchandise shipped directly to your home –up to 25% of your purchase will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

It’s a great time to be shopping early for Christmas.

At the website, click ordering with a show, option 1; then type in Help in first block, Whip Cancer in second block and it should take you there. All orders and all credit/debit cards will be processed on the last day of the month @ 2pm. All orders are to be shipped directly to your home.

Whipping Cancer, one product at a time!

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