“It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”,,,,The “Quick Stir Family Pitcher” to the rescue

Most recipes serve 4-6, so a double batch is probably necessary….

Pina Colada (with Rum) (makes more than 4-6 servings)
46 oz can pineapple juice 18 oz Malibu rum
16 oz can cream of coconut (in the wine section at stores)
Mix all in Quick Stir pitcher with ice

Mimosa Punch
12 oz can thawed orange juice concentrate 1 liter club soda
1-2 bottles sparkling wine or champagne
Put orange juice in gallon Quick Stir Pitcher. Pump to soften. Add 4 c cold club soda, fill with sparkling wine and pump to mix. Add crushed ice, if desired

Margaritas Please
12 oz frozen limeade 1 can water
½ can Tequila (I use more!) juice of ½ lime
Juice of ½ orange ½ bottle Corona
Using Citrus Press, squeeze juice of lime and orange into pitcher. Fill with ice, then add all other ingredients, pump and enjoy!

Yummy Lime Sipper
12 oz can frozen lemonade 4 c lime sherbet 2 liter Sprite
Pour lemonade into Quick Stir Pitcher. Add 2 c of sherbet, plunge till well mixed. Fill pitcher with sprite. Can garnish glasses with lime slice. Optional: can add vodka

Pink Panty Droppers J
1 can frozen pink lemonade 2 bottles pink or red fruity wine coolers
1 bottle or can of beer 2-3 shots vodka
1 can water
Combine all in Quick Stir Pitcher with ice and serve

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