Individuals exist without purpose and direction

“We are not moving forward. We’re falling behind. There appears to be a heightened hostility between the earth & its inhabitants.

There has been no dramatic change in human thought or practice. We’re regressing. Returning again to what was as human history repeats itself. Without the constant of light or truth to guide us, we’ve again made ourselves the measure of everything, and in the process lost our way.

For far too long we’ve made choices that served only the immediate and forgot legacy. We as a society are in a slow and steady collapse. Families are fragmented, nations are divided, government and financial institutions are crumbling. Creation is not well. There is only one hope of light coming from this darkness. People must choose to live for something more than the immediate.

This world has contracted and shrunk proportionately as the multiple levels of communication technology have expanded. There is so much noise and yet little clarity.

While we are advancing on many fronts, much ground has been lost on others. As the world accelerates, it’s very core has become unstable. There is no safe base. No place of peace and quiet where all activity stops. We are playing worldwide games with no fail-safe. Games without rules or boundaries are fun only for bullies.

The human soul is sick and lonely . We’ve been entertained for so long by the unreal and untrue, nothing truly real moves us. Atrocities no longer break our hearts as long as we are safe. We may get angry, but then it fades. Children are growing up in atmospheres so hardened they have no capacity for remorse or regret.

Individuals exist without purpose and direction because there is nothing greater in their lives than themselves. There is no compass pointing to the true North. Truth is relative as we walk in circles, unable to find our center.

It is hard to find something bigger we can count on. We fear there are no powers that cannot be corrupted and no leader who does not lie.

Center gives perspective. Center is the anchor. It controls the activity swirling around it like the eye of a storm. For far too long, men and women have been off center with no safe base.

The enemy (satan) has always been an expert at twisting and perverting truth in order to divert mankind from the path of life. He does not want us walking toward light and truth, and repeatedly coerces us with deceptive half-truths that push us toward the way of death and darkness. Without God’s clear directives, we could find ourselves wandering aimlessly on paths of destruction.

We will find ourselves on pathways of deception anytime we accept a lie as truth. We find ourselves wandering the ways of darkness whenever we refuse the counsel of God’s timeless wisdom and spurn it as irrelevant to our day or not applicable to our unique situations. It is foolish to think every path brings you to life, because surely if there is a way of life, then there is a way of death.

  • Righteous paths lead to greater places of illumination.
    Our current culture confirms that our present course has led us into ways of increasing darkness. This reveals that the path we now tread is bent toward destruction.”
    ~~~~~Lisa Bevere, Fight Like A Girl

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