How To Avoid Added Sugars In Diet

How To Avoid Added Sugars In Diet by Deb Bixler

Americans Eat More Added Dietary Sugar Than They Realize

added dietary sugarsAlmost all foods that are processed have added sugar. When we say that the average woman should get no more than 100 calories per day from added sugars, (men = 150 calories) we are not only talking about our coffee! 100 calories equates to 6.5 teaspoons of added sugar. One can of soda is roughly 9.5 teaspoons of added dietary sugar!

Added Sugar In Diet

This is a list of some foods and their added sugar quantities per portion in teaspoons. This does not include naturally occurring sugars such as those that occur in milk or grain products.

TCBY Frozen Yogurt Cup 6
Yogurt, low fat vanilla 3
Yogurt, low fat fruit on bottom 4.5
Silk Chocolate Soymilk 5
Schweppes Tonic Water 12
SoBe Green Tea 15.5
Jello, 3.5 oz snack cup 4.5
Kashi TLC Trail Mix Granola Bar 1.5
Kashi GoLean Cookies 9
Kashi Crunch 3.5
Crackling Oat Bran 4
Bushes Baked Beans 3
Hagen-Daz Chocolate Sorbet 5

Avoid Added Sugars

As you can see from the list that many of these items are often either perceived or marketed as “healthy”.  It is easy to see how added sugars can add up to the daily limit quickly! sugar added to dietImagine how much sugar is added to the not so healthy products!!

This ingredient label is a popular cereal that is always marketed as healthy because the first ingredient is whole grain corn. How many sugars do you count?

You MUST take responsibility for your own food choices! Read the ingredient list of EVERYTHING you buy! Avoid sugar when ever you can! If you want the healthiest choices try to find the processed foods that do not include sugar in the first three ingredients. Learn more about making good food choices every day in the 6 Weeks To The New Youhealthy living program!

Deb Bixler

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