Recipes using fresh herbs instead of dried herbs give more flavor to your dishes regardless of the cuisine.  Fresh herbs can be purchased or grown at home.  A great article on growing your own herbs was just shared with me through a newsletter. Rather than repeat the information here, I am going to provide a link to the article below “Growing Herbs in Containers”.  Once you grow the herbs you need to store them properly.  Properly storing them, keeping them in an upright position with their leaves out of water and air circulating around them is the key to keeping them longer and fresher.

An herb keeper that has a base water fill line is great to have because you do keep the leaves out of water.  If the herb should be refrigerated, keep it in the door of the refrigerator.  Basil and cilantro will do better if stored without a lid at room temperature.

If buying fresh herbs, buy those which are crisp and bright in color. For freshness, trim approximately a half inch of  the stems, snipping them in a diagonal direction, taking off any dead leaves, and washing them by swishing in cold water, and patting or blotting the leaves dry before storing them. To maintain freshness, change your water daily in the herb keeper.

For quality kitchen tools for both snipping and storing your herbs, contact me through email and I will be happy to share with you tools that will not only do the job but make it easier to do so.

“Growing Herbs in Containers” by Mary Alward.            


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