Free Novatel MiFi 2200/Surf The Net Safely

A great way to keep the children safe while doing homework on the internet, is to control the internet.
The perfect way to do that is to have control of the wifi at all times–while you’re at work, home or play.
They can only access it if you have it within 30′ of them and on.
So now you can take control of the internet completely as well as enjoy it while you on vacation.
Best yet, this week**, it’s FREE.
Take a look and keep your children safe by completely monitoring when they are on the net.
one week only–**

Novatel MiFi 2200
Intelligent Mobile Hotspot,

wifi for up to 5 computers within a 30′ radius—-

Free (Most U.S. Zipcodes)—free shipping (Most U.S. Zipcodes)
–then you have your service

plan of  250 MG or 5GB(per month)

——through Verizon…..with travel

WIFi, you always have it with you–home, beach,
etc. and if you have children/teens, you can control
their time spent on the computer–it’s small enough
to carry in your purse.

To get yours at this special price,
contact keith 910-389-4423

week of August 24th,2010**

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