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H1X1 Extract was able to stop 90% of the growth of leukemia cancer cells,

Waiora has obtained the exclusive, worldwide rights to market the most advanced and powerful immune system supplement ever created. The basis of this super immune modulator is an entirely new amino acid extraction process of the patented healing mushroom, Agaricus Blazei H1X1 Hybrid mushroom. The extraction’s Beta Glucan levels are over 340% greater than that of our existing Agari-Gold product.

Ultimate Protection Against:

Toxins   | Viruses
Germs   |  Bacteria
Fungus   |  Parasites
Pollutants   chocolate and ncd combined…can’t get better than that

Antioxidants Never Tasted so Good

Chava is bold, intense flavor with rich, velvety overtones, a smooth finish and a powerhouse of antioxidants. Studies prove the powerful anti-aging and disease-fighting properties of antioxidants can actually add years to your life. That’s why we’ve created an antioxidant explosion by fusing two proprietary blends into one piece of decadent dark chocolate!

Sharing the conference call schedule with you to keep you updated and informed.
The Littlejohn Team weekly conference calls are all on Marcy’s conference line  641 594 7000 / pin code 678654# They are scheduled as follows:

THURSDAY 10:00 pm  EST  Marcy’s Health Talk – Live Product Testimonials

MONDAY 11 pm EST   Robben’s Team Call – Product and Business overview

TUESDAY 7:00 pm EST Open Mic Call with Marcy – Intro to the Waiora Vision

WEDNESDAY 10:00 pm EST  MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS CALL – Product use and science.

Dr Linda Lavender is scheduled for the first Wednesday
Rik Deitsch our Bio chemist is on the second Wednesday

Dr Mike Casey is the third Wednesday

Rik Deitsch or Dr Stewart Lonkey are fourth Wednesday

of every month. Schedule is subject to change based on their availability.

Send your advance questions to [email protected] before 7:00 Eastern Hosted By Marcy or Chip for the WEDNESDAY NIGHT CALLS

THURSDAY 10:00 pm  EST  Marcy’s Health Talk – Live Product Testimonials

FRIDAY 12:00 am EST  Open Mic Call with Marcy Intro – to the Waiora Vision

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