Chocolate, An Antioxidant,Yeah!

Chocolate! There is no product in existence that can compare to dark chocolate for consumption. For the majority of us chocolate is an addiction. One billion people worldwide ate dark chocolate yesterday. They will do it again today,tomorrow, and the next day.

Excited about Chava! NCD has been added to dark chocolate!
Chocolate lovers look at the health benefits of chocolate and NCD, added together, WOW!
The fusion of NCD and a hyper-potent dark chocolate extract that has created an unheard of ORAC value of 33928. There is no other product in any distribution channel that even comes close. This incredible ORAC value has been certified by Brunswick Laboratories. This is the super food of all super foods!

STOP! There’s something about Chava you HAVE to know!

Chava, with its bold intense flavor, rich velvety overtones and smooth finish is designed to be savored in its entirety. Gourmet chocolate is like fine wine, and Chava is no exception. For the complete sensory experience, place the whole square on your tongue and let it melt slowly. The temptation to chew alone is an exhilarating exercise of restraint. Each dissolving layer will reward your patience, from the creamy organic cocoa butter to the robust cacao, and the tantalizing notes of almond and vanilla that will leave you yearning for more. The first piece is a decadent awakening of the senses, but it’s the second piece that’s truly divine. Anything less is unthinkable!

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