Change? Do you really know the players?

Thinking out loud, today.

It’s amazing how many people self promote themselves for selfish reasons.

It’s even more amazing at the people who jump on those band wagons, promoting & thinking how wonderful without knowing the exact reason they do what they do.

It amazes me how smart intelligent people (educated isn’t just those with a college degree, not speaking of just those with a PhD) are taken in through the socializing tools of society without research and thorough background-socializing is a tool of familiarity, laughs and connections made & shared, so you may be naive enough not giving thought to the fact you’re falling prey to the other.
People who consider and put themselves on a high pedestal (often showing their belief they’re better than others) to promote themselves could be with any group of people, ask yourself, why they chose you and not others to socialize?

Some people give the public imagery of  “love and community” when it’s all about being a part of specific groups to acquire their own personal selfish goal. It’s amazing to see those who do, be humorous if it wasn’t so sad, and knowing none of the goals trying to reach have been bathed in prayer.

We are in some tough times; I honestly believe we are in our last days. People need to get back in the Word of God, pray, pray for discernment in projects, direction, following, and causes.

For those who use to be a strong voice and promote causes you believed so strongly in to give that voice away to promoting others, you have been led to believe support you and the same causes with the same zeal, please please beware! Examine. Pray for discernment.  satan is alive and thriving!

Some people give the image they are community/neighbor based but when they are not “present”, don’t listen for clarity, repeat privately what’s been told to them without even hearing correctly, or purposely give just enough half truths to gain followers/support knowing others will follow/not follow without checking it out personally, and honestly don’t even know or respect their own family, neighbors (your neighbor is not only the person who lives beside you but are the ones you deal with privately & publicly day by day), beware as “they might just be wolves in sheep clothing”.

Don’t lose your own voice or integrity by promoting those whose actions or character doesn’t coincide with yours. We will all have different perspectives or views on most everything as we each have our own DNA, created uniquely different, but be sure if you are supporting something/someone, God would support it! If not, it might appear/happen, but it will eventually crumble or be used by satan.

Praying strongly for people’s eyes to be opened, minds seek head knowledge and discernment, and people “cease” to be transforming little by little to the worlds ways as spiritual warfare is strongly raging and our communities/nations are falling prey to the ungodly.

I love the couple communities I grew up in.
It’s sad to say, they’re not the same today.

We’ve gone from leaving doors unlocked to bolting them; people strongly feeling the need to conceal carry where possible; afraid for children and even pets to be left outside ones home to play without watching/hovering over them; knowing to have/keep what you’ve worked for you need security cameras inside your homes, businesses and cameras watching the outside perimeters so you can get back what may be stolen/justice served; car cams, possibly; knowing you need to scope out quickly where you’d like to sit before the hostess wants to seat you in a restaurant; needing to know where “exits” exist before you begin to enjoy your dinner or the activities at hand; neighbors being neighbors-helpful, watching out of care and concern, conversing over how each one really is getting along, helping/giving of time to listen to them, and truly wanting to be together for friendship versus getting out one’s agenda.

Life has changed.
Things have changed.
People have/are changing. More and more people are transforming to the world, rather than transforming to the WORD.

We are responsible before God for our actions. Be sure before you support an individual or cause, bathe it in prayer for godly discernment rather than jump aboard an individual’s quest. I’ve found that jumping before praying can lead not only to regrets, but to much time needed for God to move past the choice made and all the strongholds attached to it.

One thing I do know, if it takes meeting behind closed doors, being engaged one on one privately versus a public transparent public gathering of people, more than likely it’s not up and up or the person isn’t being up and honest about their part of wanting the quest they’re pitching. It’s about acquiring individual loyalty/following by using half truths (lies) about another, getting individuals together who might not ask the questions/speak up alone to gather their support because a stronger individual with questions/knowledge might discourage the others just by questions rendered, Etc to a certain cause/quest for a self seeking goal.

With life/the world changing, know the players in the game of life you choose to play and be sure without a shadow of a doub, their ideas align with the principles you live and believe.

The world and our own communities need prayer.  Praying.

Treasure life,



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