1 :the activities, actions, and policies that are used to gain and hold power in a government or to influence a government. 2 :a person’s opinions about the management of government

Early Voting has begun. Many do early voting when they know they’re going to be out of town, if they’re sick, or if they need to change residence.

There’s also the extra excitement of voting on Election Day!
This year it’s Tuesday, November 7th.

Word to the wise:
The Wise? Those who truly care about their communities and its future.

If someone asks you to vote for someone or NOT to vote for someone, ask why?

If someone offers money, gifts, employment, etc know they have a personal motive for getting one elected or not elected to a position.
Be extremely cautious about these type of individuals.
Their ulterior motive usually stretches far beyond their likes or dislikes of the candidate(s) or the term the candidate(s) is/are running.

If you want your community or county to be better, don’t look at what one person is currently offering you. It’s temporary!

Look at why that one is offering you something. It could have a long term impact on your community for generations to come, on property values, power, etc.
If someone is offering you something to do something or giving you something freely, don’t think they’re being charitable. People normally want and expect something in return.
Votes should never be bought nor should you be on the opposite receiving side. This is not only illegal and a crime if caught and proven, but it’s immoral. If someone is trying to buy your vote with money or gifts, that should be a MAJOR RED FLAG!

As one young woman said some time back, “money talks”.
How sad! It is so sad one prefers money over doing the right thing. It is so sad one prefers money and material things over living life without someone having control over their life and life choices.

“A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.”

Those who can be purchased or bought as well as those who are in the purchasing business, beware of them and watch who they associate. You might be very surprised.

The adage “actions speak louder than words” is true.
Their words sound great,but their actions betray them.

Achievement like respect, work ethic, cleanliness, and making responsible choices has “no color” nor “economic boundaries”.

The “Real Deal” isn’t made behind closed doors, dinner parties, and private meetings.
You can’t change what you refuse to confront.

“Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea”, without being bought or aligning with one who seeks to become number one with no care of whom they devour or destroy.

“Dominance. Control. These things the unjust seek most of all. And so it is the duty of the just to defy dominance and to challenge control.”

An interesting thought:
“To find out who rules/controls or wants to control you, simply find out who you are not allowed/suppose to criticize.”
PEACE & JOY comes when you remove yourself from such toxic people.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”~~Martin Luther King Jr

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
~~Martin Luther King Jr

“Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”
~~~~G.K. Chesterton

Voting is a responsibility and a privilege. Do your homework. Talk to like minded people, people whom you trust, people who know the candidate(s), people who know the job they’ve done, and people who follow their local government. Even if you’ve done can the above, TALK to the candidate(s) yourself! If you’re like me, you have a good sense of truthfulness when asking serious questions. You want your vote to be based on what’s best for your community and the future of your community.

I believe strongly our municipal elections are as important,  if not more so than our county, state,  or national elections.

If you don’t think so and choose not to vote, choose not to do your homework prior to voting, or allow your vote to be bought or gift driven please don’t complain when you don’t like what is happening in 2018 or 2019. It often takes years to see the results of an election.

Voting may seem to not matter to you and you may or may not believe that you matter.

The truth is you voting and believing you matter are very important responsibilities you have as an individual. God made you. He gave us free will. Your life and the life of others around you could be determined by your voice through voting or not voting responsibly in municipal, state, or national elections.

Remember….It is sad one prefers money and material things over living life without someone having control over their life and life choices.

“Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea”.

“A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.”


Bullying is wrong!
Bullying exists among students, children & teens; it  is wrong!
Bullying exists among adults; it  is wrong!

Bullying defined; to use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her or groups to do what one wants.

Social bullying by teens & adults:

Social bullying, sometimes referred to as covert bullying, is often harder to recognize and can be carried out behind the bullied person’s back. It is designed to harm someone’s social reputation and/or cause humiliation.

Social bullying includes but not limited to:
lying and spreading rumors,
negative facial or physical gestures, menacing or contemptuous looks,
playing nasty jokes to embarrass and humiliate,
mimicking unkindly,
encouraging others to socially exclude someone,
damaging someone’s social reputation or social acceptance.

Other types of bullying include but not limited to: Physical bullying, Verbal bullying, & Cyber bullying.

It’s time everyone stands up to the bullies in every area of your life, those who think they should have everything their own way, manipulate people & manipulate what others see as good when it’s part of their little or major schemes, as well as trying to control everyone and everything to achieve their Personal goals.

People are bullied in every venue of life. Unfortunately most get away with it because no one is willing to stand up to the bullies. If you don’t, they will take over. They will not only continue bullying you, they will add others to their list. When you do nothing, you are part of the problem.

When bullies don’t succeed in their demands on you watch their childish ways, how they become angered, walk out or walk away, sulk, or turn things around til you look like you’re bullying them or causing a problem.

Stand up people! Stand up to the bullies in your schools, workplace, communities, etc.

Let the control, fear, & manipulation from bullies end with you!
Stand up, stand firm, stand united with others, laugh at their behavior tactics, tell them no, and be the voice that says enough is enough!
If you’re seeing or experiencing it, so are others.

If you do not stand up for what’s right, take a stand against wrong, you are not part of the solution.

The bullying will not end.

We are suppose to live in a democracy. When you allow others to control you, that’s dictatorship. If they anger you, they control you.  Some control people with fear, taunting, their gifts and finances. You have to realize if someone continues to give gifts or money to you or your cause, that’s their means to an end. It’s for your alliance, not because they’re wanting to give what they have away.  When you say no, their gifts will flow in another direction,  Test the waters.

Children & teens should be able to go to school and be in their homes with it as their safe haven.
Adults should not fear going to work, going home, or wonder what is going to happen next in their community.

Maniiukation & Control are key traits of bullies.  They will withdraw when you and others stand up to them. They may withdraw for a short time or permanently. Don’t let your guard down.They sometimes return when they find others they can manipulate and control; thus bully!

Bullying continues or ends with you being a responsible individual who one doesn’t stand by to watch or support it. YOU must be willing to stand firm with others to report it to the proper authorities and share what they’re doing with those enabling them. Be responsible. Take positive action. Help be a solution and not be an enabler or part of the problem by ignoring or watching this negative behavior!





It Takes 26 Seconds

Alcone Company started in 1950 as a pharmacy that also sold cosmetics and false eyelashes to Broadway showgirls and starlettes.
Our philosophy then is still the same today…find the best makeup products from around the world and offer them at affordable prices so everyone (not just the rich and fabulous) will benefit. Just one look at our consumer data lets you know we still follow that philosophy today…everyday housewives listed alongside famous actresses, models, tv personalities and socialites!
We are serious about customer satisfaction and we offer exceptional, hard-to-find products at great prices! Alcone knows makeup (period).

Did you know that it takes 26 seconds for the products you use to absorb into your bloodstream?

What’s in your ingredients list?

After selling to the industry’s top Makeup Artists for over 60 years, this family owned company [Alcone] has now made their professional line of products available to the everyday person.
Alcone specifically put together top industry PROFESSIONAL makeup products and made it available to people not working in the industry. They also put together a CHEMICAL FREE all natural skincare line. Chemical free, paraben free, phthalate free, SLS free, Synthetic Free,and Dye Free!

LimeLight is consisted of more that 50% pigmentation where as most commercial brands only have 18-20%… that’s amazing!

Even the Botanical Foundation is made of natural oils and pure waxes! It’s shown to not only cover acne, but improve acne at the same time!



Yes, it’s time to put out your feeders!

Some sites on hummingbirds are saying the red coloring are harming some and making them sick. The red feeder will draw them. You do not need red dye to draw the hummingbirds.
“Clear Sugarwater Nectar:
A healthy hummingbird feeder recipe.
* Boil 4 cups water for 3 minutes
* Stir in 1 cup pure granulated sugar
* Cool to room temperature
* Store remaining mix in fridge for 7 to 10 days.
Do not substitute sugar. Do not add red nectar, red dye, honey or anything else.
Boiling water not only kills most bacteria and viruses, it also removes many other microorganisms and some chemicals.
If you choose to use non-boiled water, please discard all nectar after 24 hours.

Recommended Feeder Schedule
* 70°-84°F: Clean feeder and replace nectar every 3 days
* 85°-87°F: Clean feeder and replace nectar every 2 days
* 88°F and up: Clean feeder and replace nectar every single day.
More about feeding hummingbirds…
* Cloudy nectar indicates bacteria, which is harmfull.?Discard nectar, clean the feeder and add fresh clear nectar.
* Black residue indicates mold, which is harmful.?Discard nectar, clean the feeder and add fresh clear nectar.

Yes, if you haven’t put out your feeder, now is the time!
“Put feeders up by mid-March to attract early migrants–a week or two later in the northern U.S. and Canada, a week or two earlier along the Gulf Coast (see average arrival dates at Migration Map). DON’T wait until you see your first Ruby-throated Hummingbird of the spring, which may be well after the first ones arrive.” ~~Happinest


If someone is trying to get you to trust them, be suspicious. Trustworthy people don’t need to ask you for their trust. They will allow trust to develop naturally as they earn your trust day by day.

A modern day example of trust/checks & balances:the bank.
When YOU make a deposit at the bank, they give YOU a receipt. Why?
Can’t YOU just trust them to take the deposit and enter it in YOUR account?
Of course YOU can!
But the bank people never say, “Instead of us giving you a receipt, why don’t you just trust us?”

Trustworthy people don’t ask YOU to trust them.
You are protected by accountability and checks and balances, and not by answering a plea to trust someone.

IF ANYONE uses these words in conversation with you, TRUST ME, watch out!!!
Never forget, “Trustworthy People”, don’t need to ask you for their trust.

As people, in all venues of life, many choices appear every day of life.
You are known by the choices you make. You can choose right versus wrong. You can choose to make decisions by the company you keep. You can choose to make decisions based on desperation. You can choose who you agree and disagree. You can choose to agree or disagree because of money, knowledge, leadership, friends, alliances, studying, prayer, or listening to God.
You can choose to be man/woman led or you can choose to be God led.
You can choose to stand up for the beliefs you’ve been taught by standing firm where you’ve been planted wearing the whole armor of God to continue as His Warriors or you can choose to leave where you’ve been planted at this given time because life isn’t pleasant, the ugliness or controlling nature you see and are experiencing, or you feel love or God’s absence. You can choose to stay planted as His Warriors or leave where you’re planted by God as some have done til things change. If you’re thinking the latter, do think and pray as God may need your presence and perseverance because of your “spiritual maturity”.
Spiritual maturity is not of chronological age.

“Physical growth is a function of time.
Intellectual growth is a function of learning.
Spiritual growth is neither a function of time or learning, but it is a function of obedience.

Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered, we learn obedience by the difficult circumstances we face. When we obey the Word of God that is spoken by the Holy Spirit. We will grow and mature in the times of conflict and suffering. Our knowledge of Scripture is not the key. Obedience is.

Now we understand one reason why we have people in the church who have been Christians for twenty years, who can quote verses and chapters of the Bible, have heard thousand of sermons, and read many books, but still wear “spiritual diapers”. Every time they meet with difficult situations, rather than responding by the Spirit of God, they seek to protect themselves in their own way. They are “always learning and never come to knowledge of the truth. They never come to the knowledge of the truth because they do not apply it.
Truth must be allowed to have its way in our lives if we are going to grow and mature. It is not enough to give mental assent to it without obeying it. Even though we continue to learn, we never mature because of disobedience.

‘If we are so set in our hearts not to face difficult situations, God will actually release us even though it is not His perfect will.’

God doesn’t change His mind.
We can pester the Lord regarding something for which He has already shown us His will. He will allow us to do what we want even when it is against His original plan-even when it is not in our best interest.
Often God’s plan causes us to face hurts and attitudes we don’t want to face. Yet we run from the very thing that will bring strength to our lives. Refusing to deal with an offense will not free us from the problem. It will only give us temporary relief.The root of the problem remains untouched.
Jesus desires to heal our wounds. But we often
do not let Him heal them because it is not the easiest road to take. It is the path of humility and self-denial that leads to healing and spiritual maturity. It is the decision to make another’s we’ll-being more important than your own, even when that person has brought you great sorrow.
Pride cannot travel this path, but only those who desire peace at the risk of rejection. It is a trail that leads to humiliation and abasement. It is the road that leads to life.” ~~~John Bevere.

Choices have to be made each day. We all make choices the best we can, some with the best intentions and some people with ulterior motives.
If you find yourself questioning the motives of another especially when you’re seeing actions or hearing words which go against the Word of God, causing you to consider desperate measures financially, or you find yourself changing from being the kind, compassionate, and involved individual to being rude, short, and agenda based, you just might want to rethink the choice or alliances.

God is IN CONTROL. God is looking for His Children in ALL venues to be HIS WARRIORS, NOT PUPPETS ON A STRING. God gives free will so why would He want others controlling you?God has defeated satan and his angels. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
~~Martin Luther King, Jr

“In the dim background of our mind, we know what we ought to be doing but somehow we cannot start.” ~William James


1 Corinthians 8The Message (MSG)

Following sheep or wolves?

The Great Commission and The Greatest Commandment are what followers of Jesus Christ are called– to do-go/tell & show people about God’s LOVE, that they are loved by God-for us to love.
The church is not called to build the largest of facilities, come up with rules, programs and guidelines, but to go, teach, and love!
Too many are so concerned with order, rules, and mandates, they miss the main thing: God is LOVE!
LOVE isn’t about being so self or program absorbed, that you fail to love on everyone you see, pass, or those you don’t see because of self absorption or love on because they aren’t those you want on your team or choose not to join join team.
God doesn’t want sides; HE wants LOVE!

All the knowledge, money, numbers, and things of this world will not matter when Christ returns or the death angel comes.

Be encouragers, show love, and be God led.

If something looks so wonderful, ask yourself if God is really in it? Are the ones in it happy? Are they doing it because they really want to do it or are they just following the leader?

If you’re a follower of an individual(s), ask yourself do you see God (LOVE) in their way of achieving their goals? Is (LOVE) God’s presence felt? Is it about numbers? Is it about money??? Is it about property???? When you hear about the giving, is it to let others know about something awesome taking place or is this person seeking high self esteem or be seen superior to you?? Are they truly engaged or are they letting others do the work for them???
Is it about God being a difference in the lives of others or is it about being seen, heard, or being seen/held in high esteem placing high value upon themselves or having you placing high value on them??????

All the education and money in the world cannot replace a personal relationship with God.

If a person doesn’t have that love relationship with God, they’ll not have a love relationship with you, others, nor will their goals, disposition, or life reflect LOVE nor in the end of their projects or activities will it be about LOVE for others; it will be all about and for themselves. We were taught as children, we are judged by the company we keep; it’s true even as adults.
The light will always be revealed in time, even if it’s too late. In the fruition of what they bring to the future, will you be the one asking yourself, what was I thinking?
Have you wondered why some in the game are no longer players in the game? Once eyes are opened and God does open the eyes of those who have a relationship with Him, but it’s in HIS timing, when HE feels you’re ready to see, hear, listen, and act upon what He already knows. He often reveals puzzle pieces, one at a time.

Most of us are not wanting to believe we could be blinded, be jilted, or used as we are intelligent beings nor realizing schemers and chess players exist, go to such extreme means and given time to such details to bring personal goals to fruition. Who has time, energy, or money to even go to such length?? The one who never has anything to lose. The one who has had practice in doing what they are doing. Often the intelligent, well known, compassionate doers and helpers don’t know til they’re tossed to aside, sit back removing themselves so able to digest life as it’s happening, analyze the players in the game(s), analyze the puzzle pieces that pop up out of the blue, and why things are being allowed. Once the analysis is done, a scary scary outcome can be seen. Knowledge is tough! Do you sit back watching and waiting for the final ball to drop @ the buzzer that will change the life of so many? Or do you open the eyes of people caught within the playing arena? God reveal how you want the players still in the game to find out, how you want them to react, and if they’re to remain in the game teach them to be highly skilled in the game of chess. Unlike a chess game for fun, lives of the present and the future are at stake. The stakes are high!

Hindsight is 20/20.

Be in God’s game!!!!!!!
Be about godly love. LOVE!
Be about the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.
If you are about these two principles (commandments), the rest will fall into place.

We are none perfect and none are without sin. God knows our hearts and minds. He knows all. Sees all. Mistakes will be made. Be sure the mistakes you make are your own mistakes, and not the mistakes of a schemer or a great chess player.

Often in life, we get one chance to get it right. Other times, our God of grace and hope, gives us opportunities to get it right!

Whose team are you playing on?
If you’re playing on God’s teams, it doesn’t matter which team you’re on. It doesn’t matter who wins, get credit, as everyone is loving, sharing, compassionate, and helping others out of LOVE!

But woe, to be on a chosen team that’s excluding Him or who has a personally stacked team.

God began His ministry in “home style churches”, not churches and buildings of man-made rules. Rules are of man. LOVE, RESPECT, & PEACE is of GOD.
God isn’t denominational.
It’s wonderful when community events take place when it’s for a God purpose, God driven, and yes, even non-denominational, God’s people and HIS CHURCH coming together to SERVE others including the UNCHURCHED & UNREACHED!

If God isn’t in it, watch out!

Hindsight will be a tough pill to swallow, not just for yourself, but for others following you. God doesn’t call for people to be led as a puppet on a string nor will He stop you from selfish personal goals or make you stop following the leader or following those with the purse strings or seemingly endless deep pockets .
These pockets often didn’t become deep through God driven means or actions.

God calls His children to study, listen for His voice, follow Him, and LOVE others. If an individual is rude, disrespectful, following only their game plan, welcoming and inviting only players they know people others will stop & listen, BEWARE. These chosen players are blinded to the ulterior motive of the leader, only knowing about the one cause they’re chosen to participate.

Whoa are they when they find out they’ve been duped for their prestige and followers as the trust and confidence others have could dwindle drastically causing a loss of wealth, friends, and all you’ve worked hard to obtain in your professional and private life.

If God’s in it, great things will come from the seeds planted and watered. We ALL need to think before we jump into the game plan or on the train(s) of others. If someone is offering you something of great value companies aren’t offering, there’s a reason! If someone is offering to have your back, scratch my back I’ll scratch yours, or offer to pay off a debt, oh you better really watch out!
Often the train or team is stacked for a reason, unknowingly of the reason(s) the players were chosen.

Remember, there is NO FREE LUNCH! Someone ALWAYS pays the price! Many times, it is paid by the taxpayers in the form of grants, taxation, and/or higher utilities. Every action or entity comes with a cost. Have you been convinced to participate in something and in just a few months you were left holding the cost?? Do you think it happened unintentionally? Or could it had been through the game of high rollers at your expense for a purpose you haven’t seen or as your eyes are now being opened???

Christ paid the ultimate cost for each of us having been nailed upon an old cross (a tree)!

Beware of the one who comes wearing sheep clothing into your life or in your presence in organizations, as they are planting themselves strategically, just waiting out their time to “devour” you and all established by you and your forefathers. What you have always known will be changed in front of your very eyes to the point the clothed sheep is the only one happy and pleased in the end. Think. Pray. Pray.
God is LOVE! LOVE!!!!!
I’ve been told by many, MONEY IS POWER & MONEY TALKS! Money may talk, but GOD holds eternity.

Which team will you feed? Which team will you support?
Which team or train do you need to jump while there’s still time? Who do you need to share the knowledge you have? Who are people you need to share the puzzle pieces you hold in your hand? Who do you need to share the possibilities of the puzzle pieces you know about or hold in the palm of your hands??

God will reveal the evil one(S) if we all fall upon our face, asking Him for discernment and guidance. Time is fleeting. Time is NOW. Hindsight on some things can’t be changed. The knowledge obtained through hindsight can halt evil if compassionate individuals join together standing firmly together in the battle.
Wolves come in sheep clothing. Snakes leave and return. They shed their skin multiple times.


The parallels of church and non church entities are to help the thought process of everyday life. We are all in some way touched by the church, by the unchurched, by sheep, wolves, and snakes. Satan is alive and well in the hearts of many. God is a God of allowing choices-good and bad. They exist amongst us in every area of life.
The sad sad part, the ones who are affected the most by the choices of others have no earthly idea of what’s taking place around them and will be the most affected. See, some will lose money, their character, and can move away. It’s the ones with no voice or in the playing arenas, who have no where to go.

Having been caught in the snare of the evil ones is no shame. Remaining quiet about it and not using your knowledge of it, and not stepping up to the plate stronger to help is something to personally have to answer.

To help people you must use your life’s experiences to give them that knowledge from making similar mistakes with the same individual.

Sitting back, watching, and waiting for the final ball to drop is like walking through a field of dynamite. Life when the foot hits the dynamite will be forever changed.

Knowledge, not money is power! Time is of the essence. Don’t live with the regrets of something you could have helped stop.
It’s not all about the moment at hand, it’s the future.

Choose to be in the game!

When to leave a church???

“When should I leave a church or ministry team? How bad does it have to get?”

“If God sent you, do not leave until GOD releases you. If the Lord is silent, HE is often saying, Don’t change a thing. Do not leave. Stay where I had placed you!”

“When God does instruct you to leave, you will go out with peace, no matter what the condition of the ministry.”

“For yes shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace.”~~Isaiah 55:12.

“Therefore, your departure will not be based on the actions or behaviors of others but rather on the Spirit’s leading. So leaving a ministry is not based on how bad things are.”

“Physical growth is a function of time.
Intellectual growth is a function of learning. Spiritual growth is neither a function of time or learning, but it is a function of obedience.”

“Jesus learned obedience by the things HE suffered, we learn obedience by the difficult circumstances we face. When we obey the Word of God that is spoken by the Holy Spirit, we will grow and mature in the times of conflict and suffering. Our knowledge of Scripture is not the key. Obedience is.”

” Now we understand one reason why we have people in the church who have been Christians for 29 years, who can quote verses and chapters of the Bible, have heard a thousand sermons, and read many books, but still wear spiritual diapers. Every time they meet with difficult situations, rather than responding by the spirit of God, they seek to protect themselves in their own way. They are always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
(2Timothy 3:7). They never come to the truth because they do not apply it.
Truth must be allowed to have its way in our lives if we are going to grow and nature. It is not enough to give mental assent to it without obeying it. Even though we continue to learn, we never mature because of disobedience.
~~~~~John Bevere

Safety Tips For Live Christmas Trees

A video on keeping your live trees fresh as well as safety tips for live trees in the home.


Military Love Gift

This is a means to give back to our military, whose fighting in behalf of us, so many are in harms way.
For example, $200 would put 40 bandanas in the hands of men and women requesting them. It’s an awesome gift of love to do in memory and/or in honor of someone who has served.
Check out the summary of operational bandanas and explore the website. It’s a phenomenal ministry, I’ve been proud to work with for many years through the NC WMU & Associational WMU.
The founder Mary B Gray is not only a retired military wife, the mother of soldiers, mother-in-law to a soldier’s wife, grandmother to a soldier’s children, but a friend and sister in Christ!

“Some have asked what the Psalm 91 bandana costs and what the procedure is to get the bandanas into the hands of our troops. It is a finely tuned operation that could not exist without donors and volunteers! The nuts and bolts:
(1) OpBan purchases the fabric or purchases blank bandanas if a supplier carries the pattern. Right now, we have to purchase the multicam fabric by the bolt with a minimum of 1500 yards ordered, which is quite costly.
(2) The fabric or blanks are shipped to the manufacturer who then cuts, hems, and prints whatever quantity we are able to order (based on donations) to meet a request(s).
(3) Upon completion, the manufacturer ships the prepared bandanas to OpBan.
(4) OpBan also prints a card (two-sided) that accompanies each bandana that is then packaged in a sandwich sized baggie.
(5) Once received, volunteers fold, package, and pray over the bandanas.
(6) The bandanas are then mailed to those requesting them, primarily chaplains, who want to distribute them to their Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. There is no expense to our chaplains and servicemen and women as the bandanas are given as GIFTS of love, appreciation, and spiritual encouragement. They have already “paid” for them with their service and sacrifice.
*Shipping and handling costs are a large expense in addition to the bandana itself, the insert card, and the baggies that are purchased.
**A minimum donation of $4.00 is now the cost per bandana. $5.00 per bandana would help with the shipping and handling.
Presently, we have requests for 8,000 bandanas. You can do the math. Our resources today meet 1/4 of that demand. But individuals and churches have provided 268,357 Psalm 91 bandanas since November, 2006, and donations continue to come in, so we will march on as the Lord provides through His people!
***Thank you to all who have provided, continue to provide, and will provide Psalm 91 bandanas to the extraordinary men and women serving in our armed forces through your gifts of gratitude.
“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the Shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and fortress, my God in whom I trust’.” Psalm 91:1-2
(Please share this post on your Timeline to introduce and perhaps involve others in our mission.)”~~Mary B Gray


Change? Do you really know the players?

Thinking out loud, today.

It’s amazing how many people self promote themselves for selfish reasons.

It’s even more amazing at the people who jump on those band wagons, promoting & thinking how wonderful without knowing the exact reason they do what they do.

It amazes me how smart intelligent people (educated isn’t just those with a college degree, not speaking of just those with a PhD) are taken in through the socializing tools of society without research and thorough background-socializing is a tool of familiarity, laughs and connections made & shared, so you may be naive enough not giving thought to the fact you’re falling prey to the other.
People who consider and put themselves on a high pedestal (often showing their belief they’re better than others) to promote themselves could be with any group of people, ask yourself, why they chose you and not others to socialize?

Some people give the public imagery of  “love and community” when it’s all about being a part of specific groups to acquire their own personal selfish goal. It’s amazing to see those who do, be humorous if it wasn’t so sad, and knowing none of the goals trying to reach have been bathed in prayer.

We are in some tough times; I honestly believe we are in our last days. People need to get back in the Word of God, pray, pray for discernment in projects, direction, following, and causes.

For those who use to be a strong voice and promote causes you believed so strongly in to give that voice away to promoting others, you have been led to believe support you and the same causes with the same zeal, please please beware! Examine. Pray for discernment.  satan is alive and thriving!

Some people give the image they are community/neighbor based but when they are not “present”, don’t listen for clarity, repeat privately what’s been told to them without even hearing correctly, or purposely give just enough half truths to gain followers/support knowing others will follow/not follow without checking it out personally, and honestly don’t even know or respect their own family, neighbors (your neighbor is not only the person who lives beside you but are the ones you deal with privately & publicly day by day), beware as “they might just be wolves in sheep clothing”.

Don’t lose your own voice or integrity by promoting those whose actions or character doesn’t coincide with yours. We will all have different perspectives or views on most everything as we each have our own DNA, created uniquely different, but be sure if you are supporting something/someone, God would support it! If not, it might appear/happen, but it will eventually crumble or be used by satan.

Praying strongly for people’s eyes to be opened, minds seek head knowledge and discernment, and people “cease” to be transforming little by little to the worlds ways as spiritual warfare is strongly raging and our communities/nations are falling prey to the ungodly.

I love the couple communities I grew up in.
It’s sad to say, they’re not the same today.

We’ve gone from leaving doors unlocked to bolting them; people strongly feeling the need to conceal carry where possible; afraid for children and even pets to be left outside ones home to play without watching/hovering over them; knowing to have/keep what you’ve worked for you need security cameras inside your homes, businesses and cameras watching the outside perimeters so you can get back what may be stolen/justice served; car cams, possibly; knowing you need to scope out quickly where you’d like to sit before the hostess wants to seat you in a restaurant; needing to know where “exits” exist before you begin to enjoy your dinner or the activities at hand; neighbors being neighbors-helpful, watching out of care and concern, conversing over how each one really is getting along, helping/giving of time to listen to them, and truly wanting to be together for friendship versus getting out one’s agenda.

Life has changed.
Things have changed.
People have/are changing. More and more people are transforming to the world, rather than transforming to the WORD.

We are responsible before God for our actions. Be sure before you support an individual or cause, bathe it in prayer for godly discernment rather than jump aboard an individual’s quest. I’ve found that jumping before praying can lead not only to regrets, but to much time needed for God to move past the choice made and all the strongholds attached to it.

One thing I do know, if it takes meeting behind closed doors, being engaged one on one privately versus a public transparent public gathering of people, more than likely it’s not up and up or the person isn’t being up and honest about their part of wanting the quest they’re pitching. It’s about acquiring individual loyalty/following by using half truths (lies) about another, getting individuals together who might not ask the questions/speak up alone to gather their support because a stronger individual with questions/knowledge might discourage the others just by questions rendered, Etc to a certain cause/quest for a self seeking goal.

With life/the world changing, know the players in the game of life you choose to play and be sure without a shadow of a doub, their ideas align with the principles you live and believe.

The world and our own communities need prayer.  Praying.

Treasure life,



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