FREE Blackberry/FREE Home Security System/FREE Satellite System


If anyone needs one of these services OR knows someone who is thinking of adding one of these services contact me through email:   [email protected]

We ALL like FREE, so WHY PAY for them?

Earn $$$$ while paying your bills?

Earn $$$$ while paying your bills?

Yes, this is possible! Earn while paying the bills you’re already paying–cell phone, internet access, security system, identity theft, road side assistance, and more….Shopping at Macy’s, Wal-Mart, and 850 other great Retail Giants and make money doing so….
Ask me how? email me @ [email protected]

Debt Free Holiday

Now is the time to make the money you need for a debt-free holiday! You won’t have to worry about holiday expenses or bills due in January. And you’ll have the flexibility to do what’s most important-enjoy your family. With just 2 shows a week, you can add an additional $850 a month to your household and even earn over $1,000 in FREE kitchen products of your choice within your first 90 days! These products can be added to your kitchen or given as gifts. For a limited time, the start up fee is less than the cost of a new dress and shoes.

An Opportunity line is available to hear more….Email me for the number or how you too can have a debt free holiday! ([email protected])

An Awesome Opportunity–Seize the day!

Call 630-261-3537 to hear Senior Vice President of Sales Jean Jonas and National Executive Director Teresa Brown explain why now is an amazing time to join The Pampered Chef®.

After listening to this, contact me through email, and I can answer questions you may have and walk you through getting started today if it sounds like something you want to try. ([email protected])

For less than $200, you will never find a better opportunity, to start your own home-based business–flexible, no inventory, and low start-up…

Call and email today!

Chocolate, An Antioxidant,Yeah!

Chocolate! There is no product in existence that can compare to dark chocolate for consumption. For the majority of us chocolate is an addiction. One billion people worldwide ate dark chocolate yesterday. They will do it again today,tomorrow, and the next day.

Excited about Chava! NCD has been added to dark chocolate!
Chocolate lovers look at the health benefits of chocolate and NCD, added together, WOW!
The fusion of NCD and a hyper-potent dark chocolate extract that has created an unheard of ORAC value of 33928. There is no other product in any distribution channel that even comes close. This incredible ORAC value has been certified by Brunswick Laboratories. This is the super food of all super foods!

STOP! There’s something about Chava you HAVE to know!

Chava, with its bold intense flavor, rich velvety overtones and smooth finish is designed to be savored in its entirety. Gourmet chocolate is like fine wine, and Chava is no exception. For the complete sensory experience, place the whole square on your tongue and let it melt slowly. The temptation to chew alone is an exhilarating exercise of restraint. Each dissolving layer will reward your patience, from the creamy organic cocoa butter to the robust cacao, and the tantalizing notes of almond and vanilla that will leave you yearning for more. The first piece is a decadent awakening of the senses, but it’s the second piece that’s truly divine. Anything less is unthinkable!

Dreams/Financial Freedom

Don’t we all have dreams?

A trip for the family on a once of a lifetime vacation? The opportunity to stay home with the children? A new car? A swimming pool for the family? Pay for your child’s college education without an additional strain on the family’s budget?
What’s your dream?

Has life thrown your families lemons recently with a lay-off or potential lay-off? Haas your car just recently let you down or needs replacing?
Would you like to add to the family budget or provide financial relief to the family budget?
What would $400, $500, $1000+ a month do for your family budget?

Perhaps a better question would be, what would you do for your family if you had an extra $400 a month in your pocket?

Perhaps you and/or a friend just need some adult time without adding to the family budget? If you’re a stay at home Mom, a retiree, have a demanding career and you just want some “fun” “Me” time that’s flexible and earn money at the same time, a business of your own may just be what you need. It’s always great starting a new venture with a friend and with us, that’s an automatic pay raise for you.

Flexible hours, work from anywhere in the U.S (including Alaska and Hawaii), no inventory, deliveries made directly to hosts and customers, toll free support, online training, professional web sites designed, and FREE business management software make beginning your own home-based business easy and can add tax incentives for the dreaded time of the year.

Business can be found everywhere and anywhere. People you know at work, your spouses’ work, children’s activities, community groups, social groups, leisure activities, and civic organizations are potential hosts and/or guests.

The economy isn’t normally a problem in our direct sales business because people continue to eat and look for reasons and ways to stay home, improve their culinary skills, learn new recipes, and our parties are “entertaining” made easy. It’s a great way for you, your hosts and guests to reconnect with their friends.

If any of this sounds exciting or seems to sound like something that may be the answer for you during this time in your life and/or you know someone who made be interested, send me an email [email protected] and I will explain more and we can see if this might be the answer for you.

To FInancial Freedom!

Moms, Women, and Super-Heroes

First and foremost, you don’t have to be a “super-woman”. You’re amazing just the way you are. So take a deep breath, breath in and breathe out. Accept on those days when you can’t fit everything in on your to-do list, you can simply let go of the small stuff.

What you can’t let go are the things that really matters most to you – God, your family, your health, your friendships and your sense of self-worth. These are non-negotiable items.

In today’s society, women are asked to do more than ever before. Balancing the roles of motherhood and helping or even leading the way in family finances is tough!

So this weekend and this month, as you celebrate Mothers Day and Help Whip Cancer by participating in the Relay for Life Events in your community, pat yourself on the back for “all” you do!

And if in today’s economy, you find yourself needing an additional stream of income to help with “budget or playtime” line items, I would love the opportunity to see if being a kitchen specialist may be the perfect “fit” for you. Many have told me it has been the answer to their finances,unexpected bills,or lay offs while others say their business has built their self esteem and still others, have found the “Me Time” or “Adult TIme” needed in their lives. If you are needing some adult fun time while earning money,needing additional money to surprise your family with something “special” or to add to the family budget, entertaining in the kitchen may be the answer for you. If your heart tug requires you to earn money, contact me through email @ [email protected]

To Mothers and Women everywhere, Enjoy the poem below……

“My Mother Kept A Garden ”

My Mother kept a garden,
a garden of the heart,
She planted all the good things
that gave my life it’s start.
She turned me to the sunshine
and encouraged me to dream,
Fostering and nurturing
the seeds of self-esteem…
And when the winds and rain came,
she protected me enough-
But not too much because she knew
I’d need to stand up strong and tough.
Her constant good example
always taught me right from wrong-
Markers for my pathway
that will last a lifetime long.
I am my Mother’s garden.
I am her legacy-
And I hope today she feels the love
reflected back from me
—–Author Unknown

Want extra $$$? Just want to have FUN? Accept the “gift”!

In today’s economy, I am amazed at how many people are sitting around complaining about today’s economy, yet nothing has dramatically changed for themselves. They are sitting around in fear of what will happen tomorrow. People, we are only guaranteed today! Tomorrow has enough worries of its own.

I have heard people say, no one will come to my home party because the economy is so bad. I asked, have a group of your friends been recently laid off? Oh, no. Have any recently lost their home? Oh, no. Are they still taking family vacations, even if less extravagant?, Well, yes.

The scenario above happens in the lives of many. What I am finding, is yes, people are spending less on frivolous and wasteful items. People are wanting to be sure they are getting value for their buck, but they are still spending and still entertaining.

If you know someone who has recently been laid off or their hours have been cut, then I may have just the opportunity for them. Direct Sales (home based businesses) are at an all time high. We tend to flourish when times are considered not as good as they once were. It’s the nature of the beasts.

As a professional kitchen consultant, my business has not been affected by the economy. If someone has a friend who has or who husband has been laid off, I say be sure to invite them to your show because they definitely are in need of a “FUN” night out. She or he may be just the one whom this business is for at this time in their life. If not, they may be exactly the one who can benefit from our hosting opportunities—FREE kitchen products and discounted kitchen products. Our cooking shows have become the great way to entertain and have friends over without breaking the bank. Food, Fun, Fellowship, great products at great prices—it doesn’t get better than that!

If you or someone you know, needs to earn an additional $100, $200, $300, $500, or $5000 a month, the opportunity I have may be the perfect answer to you. The apron I wear is unisex, and comes in one size.
The apron can fit the student(18+), a retiree, the stay at home parent, a professional–paramedics, pharmacists, nurses, teachers, insurance, real estate agent, computer analyst–, a store clerk, cashier, bank teller, the person who wants discounted or free products in their own kitchen, the person wanting to earn some additional income, or the person who just wants some FUN adult time or a less stressful environment are all people whom our opportunity fits.

Who doesn’t want a little more money? Yes, some of you may want a lot more money? Others just want to have FUN! My business offers any and all of this to you. You are your own CEO, you benefit from the tax benefits of a home based business, you MUST work, but it’s flexible to fit around the job you already have, the children’s school, church, and social activities, and most people’s lifestyle.

If you would like to hear more or talk to me personally, leave me a message on how we can connect, I will send you to a direct link to my website, and you can join my team today. Whether you are in California, Tennessee, Texas, or North Carolina, you can join my team! If you move, you take your job with you. How exciting is that! Perfect for the military, too. We have a huge support team to help you. For a minimal fee, no inventory, and no territory, why wouldn’t you want to try on the apron today!

MONEY Trumps Almost Everything for Women

An interesting article/press release showing women who responded to a poll, their concern about the economy and its direction. This press release explains why the direct sales companies are answering the needs of women today.  Direct  Sales offers women and men the flexibility needed to earn more yet maintain a home, tend to children, and work a full time job.  If you need a little extra, you work a little; if you need more, you work more.  You decided on additional income wanted, divide the average show total and come up with how much you need to work to meet that goal. With direct sales, you can work morning, noon, or evening…just a couple hours, a few times a week can make a huge difference in a family’s lifestyle. It can be the difference in swim teams, dance troupes, gymnastic, traveling ball teams, college education, family vacations, the size of one’s home or type of car they drive.  It could just mean for a nurse, top administrator, doctor, pharmacist, business owner or CEO, etc be a fun interactive night out with other adults and an income to go to a party. Whether you are one who wants or loves the products, need extra income for a short or long period of time, or just want to have “fun” or “me” time, direct sales is calling. Your best friend. Only better.

MONEY Trumps Almost Everything for Women polls show women would rather be rich than thin

Palo Alto, CA, April 22, 2009. More powerful than freedom from dieting, more important than having your husband remain faithful is … never having to worry about money again. That’s part of what women revealed to last week in a series of polls on their priorities.

“With the current state of the economy, there’s a lot of anxiety about money, and it seems women would give up most anything to stop worrying,” said Myrna Blyth, editor–in–chief of “I doubt there are many people who would tell you that they’d rather have their husband cheat than have to worry about their finances, but when given the anonymity of our polls, women reveal their true priorities, and it seems money is the big one.”

Thin Wins
In the first question posed: Would you rather never have to diet again or have an orgasm every time? food beat sex hands down.

  • Never have to diet again: 86%
  • Orgasm every time: 14%

Money, Money, Money, Money
But freedom from dieting was no match for the mighty dollar.

  • Never have to worry about money again: 83%
  • Never have to diet again: 17%

Forget Fidelity
Money also trumped women’s desire for their partner to be faithful.

  • Never have to worry about money again: 52%
  • Have your partner always be faithful: 48%

Children By A Nose
In the end, though, women’s love for their children triumphed over their love for money … though not by as much as we’d have expected.

  • Be certain that your children will live happy, successful lives: 60%
  • Never have to worry about money again: 40%


Launched in March 2008, is already recognized as one of the fastest growing women’s Web sites with original offers an interactive presentation of content, social networking, and advice in a “roomful of women” setting, targeted to women ages 18–49. Editor–in–Chief Myrna Blyth, author, tv commentator and award–winning editor in chief of Ladies’ Home Journal, and founding editor in chief of More Magazine has assembled a considerable network of writers and contributors throughout the country, bringing unique perspectives to the forefront. was co–founded by best–selling author and television commentator Deborah Perry Piscione and Internet entrepreneur Shaun Marsh in March 2008. CNN’s Soledad O’Brien serves as Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Families Returning to the Dinner Table….Priceless!

Do you find yourself trying to figure out which fast food chain’s drive thru you visited the day before so you don’t revisit it again this week?  On December 19th,The American Council on Science and Health, presented twelve resolutions Americans could incorporate in their lives if they should choose to accept the responsibility for their health in 2009.

There is a better way to eat quickly and healthier than going through the Drive Thru.

 How?  By bringing families back to the dining room table.  This is possible when you use quality kitchen products that replaces labor with ease in the kitchen.

By spending 1 or 2 nights a week showing others how to bring their families back to the table, you can produce a nice supplemental income during the uncertain times we are living. Who couldn’t use an extra $400 PLUS at the end of the month?

Although some people are struggling economically, I have seen an increase in my personal sales these past few months. Why? Because girls nights out have become more of staying at home, cooking recipes and the money spent is on buying things that will make meals quicker and healthier for the family rather than on frivilous things that will be short term like a meal out or the movies. Families are eating home more, connecting, and re-establishing relationships as meals are being prepared in less time with more ease.

Spending less. Earning additional income. Families Eating Together, Priceless!

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