It Takes 26 Seconds

Alcone Company started in 1950 as a pharmacy that also sold cosmetics and false eyelashes to Broadway showgirls and starlettes.
Our philosophy then is still the same today…find the best makeup products from around the world and offer them at affordable prices so everyone (not just the rich and fabulous) will benefit. Just one look at our consumer data lets you know we still follow that philosophy today…everyday housewives listed alongside famous actresses, models, tv personalities and socialites!
We are serious about customer satisfaction and we offer exceptional, hard-to-find products at great prices! Alcone knows makeup (period).

Did you know that it takes 26 seconds for the products you use to absorb into your bloodstream?

What’s in your ingredients list?

After selling to the industry’s top Makeup Artists for over 60 years, this family owned company [Alcone] has now made their professional line of products available to the everyday person.
Alcone specifically put together top industry PROFESSIONAL makeup products and made it available to people not working in the industry. They also put together a CHEMICAL FREE all natural skincare line. Chemical free, paraben free, phthalate free, SLS free, Synthetic Free,and Dye Free!

LimeLight is consisted of more that 50% pigmentation where as most commercial brands only have 18-20%… that’s amazing!

Even the Botanical Foundation is made of natural oils and pure waxes! It’s shown to not only cover acne, but improve acne at the same time!

Be your own boss

Many will invest $169 on shoes, clothes, or a new bag…but not in your future??? What on earth are you waiting for?

in June there were 2,000 Beauty Guides. WE have just reached 10,000. This is called HYPER GROWTH! We are still on the ground floor of an amazing company of 60+ years opening professional products up to the public through direct sales.

For what’s normally nearly $400 worth of makeup and chemical free skincare, it only costs $169 to join LimeLight by Alcone, and $9.95 a month to maintain your personal website.

There are no monthly minimums, no quotas, no parties required, and nothing you have to keep in stock.
There is a $75 yearly fee on your anniversary date.

Btw, who doesn’t like earning $$
while sharing why you look younger and glowing?
You’ll be asked if it’s your hair?
Did you lose weight?
What’s different?
It’s just the difference in your face . The only change is using chemical free skincare and the makeup professionals use.
Clients order through your personal website as many of you have done. It’s SIMPLY sharing!

If you’re not interested at this time, but you have friends who wear makeup, share my information with them.

If you’ve been waiting to order Masque of Zen or some new lip covers, do so now while for a limited time, FLAT RATE SHIPPING IS FREE!

I am tickled to death that for a limited time our starter kit will be included in our free flat rate shipping

With that being said, let me know when you’re ready to change your life by becoming a beauty guide.

I’d love to have team members all over the United States. Who will be next??

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Not Too Far From Here

“Not Too Far From Here”
Not too far from here there are people facing giants and losses no one should have to bare such as losing/mourning the loss of their spouse, child, losing their home due to medical & burial expenses, saying “til we see you later” to a grandparent whose meeting Jesus tonight or met him recently, or a little girl going through major life changes such as “no mommy” to kiss her goodnight, read to her a favorite bedtime story or share what happened at school today because her mommy died and scared her now guardian may die, too.

Not too far from here there are those needing comfort, peace, and strength to face the continual GIANTS that keep occurring. There are those battling sicknesses, death, the loss of property, the empty nest syndrome, seniors who sit home every day hoping someone will stop in for a visit or a call with complete presence from their children, grandchildren, or neighbors, the loss of a job, fellow co-workers who out of jealousy make going to work so unbearable, students being left out of activities-last to be picked-picked on-laughed at/made fun of- yes all forms of bullying, adults who use or demean others in the workplace/church/community, teachers needing lots of prayers as they’re expected to not only teach curriculum but behavior/respect/good daily health/hygiene habits/right over wrong/how to deal with anger/everyday issues responsibly/etc, and for others, financial setbacks, looking for love and attention in all the wrong faces/places.

Not too far from here, there are teens afraid to smile because they need braces the family can’t afford because of finances, income, or heavy medical expenses of their other child. Not too far from here, there’s a child just wanting their Dad/Mom to be present in their life, if just once a month. Not too far from here, parents of blended families are trying so hard to bring unity among the children and other parent(s)-for the well being of all-especially the children. Not too far from here, there are a lot of teens/adults needing Jesus. Not too far from here there are young boys needing a father figure/a male mentor. Not too far from here, there are young girls needing a mother figure/a female mentor. Not too far from here, there are parents missing their adult child(ten) in their lives. Not too far from here, there are people facing all types of addiction(s)/strongholds, and families battling to help them. Not too far from here, there are law enforcement, emergency responders, firemen, and our military who are risking their lives to save others while their spouses/families are asking God to protect them. Not too far from here there are spouses and children dealing with the day to day issues of being a spouse/parent as their parent returns home from military service-all trying to deal with the mental/physical scars of war.

Not too far from here, there are relationships crumbling. Not too far from here there are homes, churches, communities, states, and nations crumbling.

Reach DEEP into your heart and Listen to your heartstrings. PRAY!
There are so many good people and blessed people in our day to day lives. There are also people who battle for control to be numero one, which could be from having been numero one in the lives of all they’ve ever known, needing to be in the limelight because they’ve had to fight disabilities others didn’t, or because they just don’t know Jesus, because without HIM/HIS PRESENCE, there’s no true JOY and you’ll use any or all means available to be liked, get praises, etc. Since they’re no substance to such, they still climb.
There are so many people facing their own Giants.

Let’s pray for all these in need! God knows the hearts and the needs.
Prayer is life’s Internet-prayer is bringing the spiritual world and the physical world together so they can overlap.
Pray without ceasing.
One could pray nonstop for the needs around them in they would “open their eyes” and “open their hearts”. There’s needs all around us.
God is love! It’s God’s mission as a missionary God to bring about the global purpose/COVENANT HE MADE WITH ABRAHAM!
It’s the common thread throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Praying without ceasing isn’t to start praying and not stop. It’s to remain in a state of prayer. Be prepared to lift prayers throughout your day. If someone asks for prayer, stop and pray right then for them. It’s that moment in asking they are needing it more than ever. It’s also later you may get so busy in your life, you forget.
Don’t fall captive or be baited in Satan’s trap. Pray that God works through the Bait of Satan and the offenses you’re holding on to that aren’t yours, may not be the truth, as could all stem from one or two and/or who through disabilities, jealousy, personal goals, intentionally or unintentionally may just be Satan’s Bait to divide, destroy, and/or create enough of a crack that others are hurt and/or stops needs from being met, as Satan smiles and God weeps.
Praying! Won’t you join me?
Treasure life!
Treasure the physical, mental, and spiritual life-all three are needed to be healthy!

Flexible hours sharing products!

imageI am  looking for seasonal consultants. 10-15 people. Start in August, working through mid December to share Pampered Chef’s Fall and Holiday collections. You can earn $25 to $30 an hour in about 15 to 20 hours a month; you pick the days and set your schedule.Please message me for more details if interested.

Help Fight Hunger!

Help Fight Hunger
1 in 5 children in America struggle with hunger, and when school lets out for the summer millions of children might not know where their next meal will come from. Many children depend on the breakfast/lunch received at school and others depend on weekend nourishments from the backpack buddy program offered to many schools for their students, provided by churches and other civic groups in their area coming together to meet nutritional/hunger needs.

In June, July and August help support those in need by purchasing the Classic Round-Up from the Heart® Trivets.
$2 from each $5 Trivet purchased will be contributed to Feeding America® to help provide meals to those in need. 4 of the $5 trivets = $8 to Feeding America = 72 meals being provided through the local food banks.

The trivets make beautiful wall art/decor for the kitchen, nice gifts for any occasion, and are the perfect protection for the countertop or table for your hot dishes. You can order from my website or inbox me. , if local to me, this link the items can be shipped to the host/which the order will come to my house & I can get imageyour order to you.

If not local to me, you can use the same link but be sure to click the tab to have shipped to your address. If in doubt about shipping to your address through the online show, you can inbox me or type in the URL, to place an individual order, not part of a show order, which will automatically ship to your home.

Remember, the food bank in your own backyard/county will be depleted during the summer months with all meals-breakfast, lunch, and dinner- dependent on the food banks because schools are not supplying the children their first two meals of the day. By placing the individual order if you’re outside Lenoir County, the money will go to the Feeding America Food Bank in your county! Order as many as you would like of any or all the trivets to help the children have sufficient food this summer!

2013 Bucket List still incomplete

My 2013 Bucket list still needing completion


1.) on the top of my 2013 bucket list…..dinner with all my children very soon–a mother wants to enjoy her whole family together and its been too long since we’ve all sit around the table together with my Mom and me.


2/) selfishly, I want a  2013 Traverse IN WHITE OR CHARCOAL GRAY)….my car has some mileage and a little larger car as I’m getting older would be nice and I have wanted this for two years….spacious for hauling my Mother, grandchildren, and GAs as well as my Pampered Chef and listed in reports as the  #2 for the vehicle to have.


3.) a nice camper with a couple bedrooms with a deck located by the ocean at Emerald Isle, NC where I can slip away to enjoy some quiet toes in the sand time and also take my grandkids and others that may need to get away from time to time—

ok enough of my selfish bucket list…..


4.) a student center in Pink Hill for the education and mentoring of young children regardless of their economic status–for the rich, middle income,, and lower income to come together to say NO TO DRUGS—reaching all children


5/) for more VOLUNTEERS to help the children’s programs at schools, the new student center above, and for the senior center located in Pink Hill and other Lenoir County sites. It takes working together = success.


6) for Pink Hill Community Watch, Jackson Heights Community Watch and other Lenoir County Community Watch groups to have community leaders and citizens to do give just one hour to an hour and a half once a month to give of their time and support these meetings and speakers to make their communities better and to put away the notion that as a citizen I cannot participate because someone of authority or friend would get mad. Stand up for yourself, your community, and make our community safer for our children, our seniors,, and or all those residing in our communities. My prayer is that politics can be put aside and people would choose to do the right thing. It’s just once a month for some groups and after Pink Hill’s June meeting it’s just every other month. Topics vary and there’s something that can help everyone. Every meeting, most everyone, learns at least one new thing. Law Enforcement has learned from the speakers we have had. No one person knows everything and working together = success.


7) For Our Communities to be proactive and place permanent drug boxes in every police station/tpwn hall in Eastern unused, outdated meds can be safely locked away so no one dies from a medication not prescribed to them.


8) For Churches, Civic,Schools, etc, to contact the P.E.A.C.E. Foundation to book the “Bedroom Project” so parents, grandparents, officers, firemen, teachers, etc  will know where to find drugs hidden by your children, teens, or young adults, or where there friends can hide it in your place of residence.


Did you know that 49% of people polled, say outsiders can walk into their homes and have access to their medicines….unintentional prescription drug overdose deaths in NC–we’re # 5 in the nation. we must do something about this!


Children 8 & 9 years old use prescription medicines to get high..

Age 11 is the average age most children try a prescription pill to get  high for the very first time.


Where do you keep your medicines?


9) Wishing others would choose to Be a mentor this summer and help a child to read….the more you read, the more you know, the more you know, the further you go…..there are school and library reading programs FREE every summer–they just need adults to find the children to encourage them and help them read.


10) Adopt seniors in your church and community–there are those I take to get their hair done or to the grocery store—do you realize there are people who prey on these already disadvantaged people group, charging these without transportation $5-$20 TO TAKE THEM FOR BASIC NEEDS….SMH….I DON’T CHARGE THEM A THING. THEY NEED THEIR COMMUNITY’S HELP. Are you willing to help? What would you do if you were 70 or 80 and couldn’t drive or have a car? What if your only adult child was bedridden and couldn’t help you? What if you had no children?

Positive Energy

Colossians 2:6-7 –‘Tis the season year round, to be His servants, serve and love one another……

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him,  rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” Colossians 2:6-7

Let’s put positive energy into things we can do to impact our world and those within our world.

“Pray and Do for others.”

We should pray for all the families & the community of the tragedy that took place at the school. The media should give the families and community time to grieve and bury their child(ren) without cameras and reporters. Pray for these families-pray for peace, comfort, and strength that’s what they need now, in the days, weeks, and years ahead.Pray for the school staff, students, and for the community. Their lives will never ever be the same.

Positive energy/actions for others by you and your children, teaching them to do unto others, would be a gift in memory of these children who are now angels, playing in heaven.

I read Misty Hardison’s post “thanking” people who came forward helping she and her daughter in the cleanup of the vandalism, theft, and invasion of personal property/space that took place in their home. Doers using positive energy to help, What the WORLD NEEDS MORE OF.

There are so many mission opportunities available that we as individuals can do and as families can do.

The Neuse Baptist Association (part of Lenoir, Wayne, Greene, & Duplin counties) is asking for oven baked cookies and brownies (in boxes or tins you do not need back) by Wednesday morning at 9am. These are being given to inmates of a local prison, along with a gift bag of toiletry items already collected and packaged by area churches. The cookies and brownies will be packaged in LaGrange @9am. If you can bake and would like to help, please inbox me privately on facebook or email me [email protected]

The GAs of Bethel Baptist Church of Jonestown, Pink Hill are collecting new and used coats for adults-men & women, children and teens through January 6th. New if you’re able to purchase a coat on sale but “good used coats” you or your family would still wear while out and about. Check your closets. Some of you may have lost weight and can’t wear the coat hanging there, or gained weight or the children have outgrown the coat from the previous year or you or your family members may just want a “new look” for the winter. There are people who need a coat to stay warm. Would you be willing to help? If so, contact me.

Would you like to start a Praying Parents Group for a school in your area? Parents, Grandparents, & Community members, who meet together once a week to covet the school in prayer. Not a bashing group–a “praying” group.

Would you be willing to start one?

It takes two people agreeing to meet together, to pray for the needs, safety, learning, etc–praying for the students and the staff. Announce it publicly and you will be surprised at who else may can join you. This can be held at a church near the school or other public building that would be opened for that purpose. Our children are a gift from God–each school in Lenoir County and in every county in the United States, needs a prayer group, praying daily for them.

I believe grades would improve, bullying would decrease, staff would find a happier/better environment to teach, supplies would be more available, and parents/students/staff would feel safer.

What begins as two can become many. You announce at the beginning prayer concerns for the school, and you pray. School staff members, teachers, and students confidentially will begin to get you specific needs to pray about. It can be 30 minutes to an hour.   Who plans to begin one?

Community Watch—neighbors watching out for neighbors. If you see a suspicious car, person, or activity in your neighborhood, call 911 and report it. People watch homes and neighborhoods before they break in. It’s not oh, look like that’s a good house this minute….They normally look for a routine–what time during an entire week or two weeks do people leave? A vehicle on the corner or side of the road(even with someone in it), could be the getaway vehicle for a break in happening a few blocks or a mile away. If it doesn’t look right, make the call.

Attend community watch meetings–in Lenoir County, there are about 6 meetings taking place monthly or every other month–Chris Cahoon can tell you the closest to you if you live in Lenoir County. Community doesn’t mean you have to live within the town or section of the county you live. Go, Listen, Learn how you can better protect your family and your home or business.

January 1st @7pm @ Pink Hill Presbyterian Church, Pink Hill Community Watch has Terry Light as the speaker. She is our Assistant District Attorney. She will be speaking on internet safety for the family. She will also touch on social media–the check in option on cellular phones–banking, etc. Come listen and see how you may be alerting others of your activities without meaning to do—or how to be sure your banking is secure. Find our ways to be sure your children or teens are safe when on the computer.

The local rest home is an awesome place to share joy and love. Singing Christmas Carols, taking a DVD of your play for them to watch, taking small nursing home gifts to the local facilities–Pink Hill Pharmacy in my area have gift bags for men and women made up already, easy for you to purchase and take–get just a few and give it to the ones you see sitting around the lobby or in the tv room. Just sit and talk with them, you don’t need an appointment to do that. Many of those at the rest home seldom have visitors on a regular basis. My experience there–before I leave, they want to know, when will we be back. They love to play bingo (take lots of quarters & gifts as prizes), sing (they love old hymns and children songs) and they all love a party—what better time to throw a party than Jesus’ Birthday?

These are just a few ways you can begin mission opportunities with your children. Discuss the project and take action. From simply cleaning out a closet to visiting a nursing home. Bake brownies and cookies tonight and make arrangements to get them to the prison ministry taking place in LaGrange.

8 More Days til Christmas—how will you spread the joy and love of Christmas in the 8 days ahead?


Small Steps, Nothing?

It’s easy, so easy to take those small steps.

What if you don’t take that step? What will happen?


Nothing good and nothing bad except a missed opportunity to change a life

For A Healthier YOU…..

for a Healthier You, check out the websites below.

If you see anything that interest you and you want to discuss the products send me an email and I have a close friend who can answer most any question you may have.

To purchase the products you may do so, from the website or you may click on join my team to get the products cheaper and build a business through referrals using the products if that is something you might be interested in doing.

the links are listed below,,,,,browse and let me hear from you….. check out new release “the New Mega Defense”
H1X1 Extract was able to stop 90% of the growth of leukemia cancer cells,

Waiora has obtained the exclusive, worldwide rights to market the most advanced and powerful immune system supplement ever created. The basis of this super immune modulator is an entirely new amino acid extraction process of the patented healing mushroom, Agaricus Blazei H1X1 Hybrid mushroom. The extraction’s Beta Glucan levels are over 340% greater than that of our existing Agari-Gold product.

Ultimate Protection Against:

Toxins   | Viruses
Germs   |  Bacteria
Fungus   |  Parasites
Pollutants   chocolate and ncd combined…can’t get better than that

Antioxidants Never Tasted so Good

Chava is bold, intense flavor with rich, velvety overtones, a smooth finish and a powerhouse of antioxidants. Studies prove the powerful anti-aging and disease-fighting properties of antioxidants can actually add years to your life. That’s why we’ve created an antioxidant explosion by fusing two proprietary blends into one piece of decadent dark chocolate!

Sharing the conference call schedule with you to keep you updated and informed.
The Littlejohn Team weekly conference calls are all on Marcy’s conference line  641 594 7000 / pin code 678654# They are scheduled as follows:

THURSDAY 10:00 pm  EST  Marcy’s Health Talk – Live Product Testimonials

MONDAY 11 pm EST   Robben’s Team Call – Product and Business overview

TUESDAY 7:00 pm EST Open Mic Call with Marcy – Intro to the Waiora Vision

WEDNESDAY 10:00 pm EST  MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS CALL – Product use and science.

Dr Linda Lavender is scheduled for the first Wednesday
Rik Deitsch our Bio chemist is on the second Wednesday

Dr Mike Casey is the third Wednesday

Rik Deitsch or Dr Stewart Lonkey are fourth Wednesday

of every month. Schedule is subject to change based on their availability.

Send your advance questions to [email protected] before 7:00 Eastern Hosted By Marcy or Chip for the WEDNESDAY NIGHT CALLS

THURSDAY 10:00 pm  EST  Marcy’s Health Talk – Live Product Testimonials

FRIDAY 12:00 am EST  Open Mic Call with Marcy Intro – to the Waiora Vision

Bad Economy!

“The WORST thing you can do in this economy is get a second job.

The BEST thing you can do is start a home based business!” ~Dave Ramsey (well said!)!

Dave Ramsey has specifically mentioned The Pampered Chef as a great way to earn money and pay down debt.


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