Aging Healthier

 Chronic diseases exact a particularly heavy health and economic burden on older adults.

Much of the illness, disability, and death associated with chronic disease is avoidable through known prevention measures. Key measures include practicing a healthy lifestyle (e.g., regular physical activity, healthy eating, nutritional supplements and avoiding tobacco use) and the use of early detection practices (e.g., screening for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers, diabetes and its complications, and depression).

I have had tremendous results in my health through the products I began taking recently.  Since taking these products, I have had a better quality life by putting less money into these dietary supplements than I did in the prescription drugs which were just treating the symptoms making life more bearable but not improving my overall health.

The products I have been taking include  NCD (Natural Cellular Defense “zeolites”) Waiora’s Healthy Aging Formula, Antioxidant Formula, Essential Daily Nutrients, and Agarigold.  These products can be seen and reviewed at

Will these products help you? I can offer “No Guarantees” but let me tell you how the combination of these products have helped me.  I was taking the maximum dosage of Advair twice a day, one dosage of Spiriva once a day, claritin once or twice a day, zertec at night, an allergy shot once a week and still some days I had to use an emergency inhaler of Ibuterol.   These drugs were costly, helped me breathe but left me feeling bad and yes, they were even effective in getting my air flow up to 300 on the flow meter.  But all these medications together were just allowing me to function indoors and outdoors without living in a bubble. The medications were not improving my health nor did my air flow improve past 300.  After 3 months on the dietary supplements, my air flow has inched just above the 300 mark. Now you ask, what’s the big deal with that?  Well not only has my air flow increased past the 300 mark, but I had stopped taking all the medications except the one claritan by day and the one zertec by night-both of these I can purchase over the counter  and I stopped the allergy shots 2 months ago.The allergy testing showed I was allergic to just about everything indoors and outdoors.

You can read of testimonies of others with other conditions at

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