2013 Bucket List still incomplete

My 2013 Bucket list still needing completion


1.) on the top of my 2013 bucket list…..dinner with all my children very soon–a mother wants to enjoy her whole family together and its been too long since we’ve all sit around the table together with my Mom and me.


2/) selfishly, I want a  2013 Traverse IN WHITE OR CHARCOAL GRAY)….my car has some mileage and a little larger car as I’m getting older would be nice and I have wanted this for two years….spacious for hauling my Mother, grandchildren, and GAs as well as my Pampered Chef and listed in reports as the  #2 for the vehicle to have.



3.) a nice camper with a couple bedrooms with a deck located by the ocean at Emerald Isle, NC where I can slip away to enjoy some quiet toes in the sand time and also take my grandkids and others that may need to get away from time to time—

ok enough of my selfish bucket list…..


4.) a student center in Pink Hill for the education and mentoring of young children regardless of their economic status–for the rich, middle income,, and lower income to come together to say NO TO DRUGS—reaching all children


5/) for more VOLUNTEERS to help the children’s programs at schools, the new student center above, and for the senior center located in Pink Hill and other Lenoir County sites. It takes working together = success.


6) for Pink Hill Community Watch, Jackson Heights Community Watch and other Lenoir County Community Watch groups to have community leaders and citizens to do give just one hour to an hour and a half once a month to give of their time and support these meetings and speakers to make their communities better and to put away the notion that as a citizen I cannot participate because someone of authority or friend would get mad. Stand up for yourself, your community, and make our community safer for our children, our seniors,, and or all those residing in our communities. My prayer is that politics can be put aside and people would choose to do the right thing. It’s just once a month for some groups and after Pink Hill’s June meeting it’s just every other month. Topics vary and there’s something that can help everyone. Every meeting, most everyone, learns at least one new thing. Law Enforcement has learned from the speakers we have had. No one person knows everything and working together = success.


7) For Our Communities to be proactive and place permanent drug boxes in every police station/tpwn hall in Eastern NC.so unused, outdated meds can be safely locked away so no one dies from a medication not prescribed to them.


8) For Churches, Civic,Schools, etc, to contact the P.E.A.C.E. Foundation to book the “Bedroom Project” so parents, grandparents, officers, firemen, teachers, etc  will know where to find drugs hidden by your children, teens, or young adults, or where there friends can hide it in your place of residence.


Did you know that 49% of people polled, say outsiders can walk into their homes and have access to their medicines….unintentional prescription drug overdose deaths in NC–we’re # 5 in the nation. we must do something about this!


Children 8 & 9 years old use prescription medicines to get high..

Age 11 is the average age most children try a prescription pill to get  high for the very first time.


Where do you keep your medicines?


9) Wishing others would choose to Be a mentor this summer and help a child to read….the more you read, the more you know, the more you know, the further you go…..there are school and library reading programs FREE every summer–they just need adults to find the children to encourage them and help them read.


10) Adopt seniors in your church and community–there are those I take to get their hair done or to the grocery store—do you realize there are people who prey on these already disadvantaged people group, charging these without transportation $5-$20 TO TAKE THEM FOR BASIC NEEDS….SMH….I DON’T CHARGE THEM A THING. THEY NEED THEIR COMMUNITY’S HELP. Are you willing to help? What would you do if you were 70 or 80 and couldn’t drive or have a car? What if your only adult child was bedridden and couldn’t help you? What if you had no children?

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