Life is like a box of chocolates!

Life and Business is “like a box of Chocolate, you never know what you will get from it”. Thank you Forrest Gump for being able to use chocolates as a comparison in life and business.

Life offers each of us the same 24 hours in a day. How we spend that time is a choice–it’s entirely UP to us. We can spend it sleeping, listening to music, watching television, working, getting an education, playing golf, and spending it with family or friends..

If you are a home based business owner, you need to enjoy the flexibility of working from home yet find a balance between work and the other things in life you enjoy. You have to “work” even if it’s a “fun” job.  If your store is not open, you will not have any sales and no sales = no money.

As a CEO of your own company, regardless of what it is, you must set guidelines, hours, goals, and work if you will earn an income. You can be a hobbyist and do little to nothing. You can earn a part-time income to add a little play money or meet the payments on a particular bill incurred. Or you can produce a nice full-time income by working and investing 10-15 hours a week into your business. A full time income in exchange for 15 hours is a good investment in your time.

Another important thing to remember is to be prepared and ready for business at all times. When you leave home, be prepared to conduct business while you are out and about. The largest sale or best show of the month could practically appear out of no where while you’re at the bank making a deposit, picking up stamps at the post office, and during general errands or shopping. Be neat and know people are watching you. A person will know in less than ten minutes if you’re the person they want to do business and form first impressions in a minute or less. To make a great first impression be sure to focus the conversation on the person you are speaking to, listening attentively to them, and making it about their needs and wants. When you focus on others and “not me”, you will find success stories more often in business and all areas of your life.

Be enthusiastic, full of energy, pleasant, considerate, prepared, understand the value you have to offer, and be confident. Rehearse any common questions that usually arise so you not only know the answers but they roll smoothly right off your lips. Know what you offer and the value of what you offer. Be passionate in sharing your business opportunity and your products.

Since our businesses are like boxes of chocolates, have and “be” the best selection of chocolates there is to offer. Know who you are and what you have to offer. As people are looking to make a selection, of who to do business with, let them want to do business with you.

Who would you rather do business with?

I sell _______. They’re great do you need some? Do you want to do a show?


I am a coach, mentor and kitchen specialist with ____________. . I help parents bring their families back to the table where real communication begins by showing them how, within their busy lifestyles, they can prepare meals in 30 minutes or less.  I help others see how they can earn money without taking too much family time away from their families. The flexibility and commission plan ________ offers allows me to choose my own income level. What would you do with an extra $300, $500, or $800 a month? How would that impact your family’s life?

Which 30 second commercial sounds like one you prefer to hear more about or respond?

To Your Success in your business!

Be Amazing!


Flexibility and Minimal Investment

Pampered Chef has helped many people find the money they needed in financial situations whether they needed lots or a little extra money.

It has also helped those who needed fun, friendship, and adult time.

I am a coach and mentor with The Pampered Chef. I help parents bring their families back to the table where real communication begins by showing them, how within their busy lifestyles, they can prepare meals in 30 minutes or less.

I help others see how they can earn money without taking too much family time away from their families. The flexibility and commission plan Pampered Chef offers allows me to choose my own income level. What would you do with an extra $300, $500, or $800 a month? How would that impact your family’s life?

Yvonne Deatherage, Independent Director , The Pampered Chef

Free Novatel MiFi 2200/Surf The Net Safely

A great way to keep the children safe while doing homework on the internet, is to control the internet.
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We ALL like FREE, so WHY PAY for them?

Operation Bandana, Supporting Our Military

Operation Bandana is a nationwide ministry, supporting our military men and women who are home and abroad serving our country.

A simple tangible item, the Psalm 91 Bandana, sent to them provides comfort, encouragement, peace and strength through God’s Word. They are also tangible items our men and women in the military can see as support and appreciation from the very people they are determined to protect. With God’s word printed on the bandana, the hope is there to make a kingdom difference in the lives of these men and women. These bandanas at a bulk rate of $3.50 each, serve many practical purposes for the military personnel such as a sweat cloth worn in and outside the helmet, a tourniquet, a cloth to wipe the sand from the eyes or glasses while also providing the word of God to believers and planting seeds to the unbeliever; providing them with one extra piece of armor, the armor of God.

How can you become involved in this ministry?
We are asking businesses, churches (regardless of denomination), individuals, youth groups, Scouts, a school or a classroom, etc to please join us in our effort to get a bandana in the hands of each man and woman deployed.
Decide to support out military, have a yard sale or doughnut sale, etc. to raise money, place a jar in the office or cafeteria to drop change in, yes it will add us and send us your donation in a check or money order made out to “Operation Bandana”.

September 11th is upon us once again. This is a great way to remember fallen Americans, by giving a gift of bandanas in memory of those who “gave all” on American soil.

“What better time to give a donation to Operation Bandanas than the month of November as we remember our veterans on Veterans Day. A gift to “Operation Bandanas” in honor of or in memory of a veteran, both past and present, would be a fine tribute to them. Perhaps your church and/or missions organization would promote our mission throughout October and November, receive an offering on the Sunday preceding or following Veterans Day. And as we celebrate Thanksgiving in November, giving a gift of thanks to those serving in uniform would be appreciated more than we’ll ever know.”–Mary Gray, founder of Operation Bandana.

Operation Bandana began in November 2006, initially to cover troops from Ft. Bragg, N.C. by a military wife and mother, Mary Gray. As the bandanas have gone out and word about this effort has spread, many soldiers, soldiers’ families and chaplains from other military installations have sought out the Psalm 91 bandanas through this effort. The mission has expanded to cover all of our military. The demand is far exceeding the supply. Your donation to this mission-so every military man or woman, who wants one, can have one–could make a difference.

I received a phone call Thursday evening, August 19th, 2010 (yesterday) from a soldier who recently returned home wounded in Afghanistan. He called wanting a phone number to personally thank Mary Gray for beginning this project. He said his bandana was what he believed to have saved his life. He was wearing it when shot. He said it is now covered in his blood. This young soldier from Camp LeJeune, NC wanted us to know how much the bandanas meant to the soldiers. We’ve received many letters and Mary’s received letters and calls but it was the first phone call I had personally received from a soldier. His call wanted me to shout to the world–We Need Bandanas! I did thank him for risking his life for me, my family and for protecting America.

For more information, on Operation Bandana, please contact Inez Owens
919-738-1209 [email protected] or Yvonne Deatherage at 252-560-4073 [email protected]

Donations for the purchase of the bandanas will be greatly appreciated.
Bulk rate:$3.50 per bandana.
Donations: Checks are to be payable to: Operation Bandanas
Mail checks and/or forms to: Yvonne Deatherage, POBox 181 Pink Hill, NC 28572

Order forms can be downloaded here on our site–copy and paste—or one can be emailed to you.