Garlic health benefits and cooking with Garlic

As a breast cancer survivor and with Help Whip Cancer and Relay for Life events all around us in April through June, I’d like to remind everyone that even though there are some unpleasant side effects to eating garlic it is an ingredient you may want to add to your cooking or as supplements (900mg daily).

Dr. Richard Béliveau, at the Charles-Bruneau Cancerology Centre in Canada, tested extracts from many foods on cancerous cells in a petri dish. For breast cancer, Dr. Béliveau lists “garlic, leeks and scallions [green onions]” as the top-three foods that inhibit cancer cell growth.”

“The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York has found that garlic inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the laboratory. And in a study of colon cancer conducted at the M. D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, Dr. Michael Wargovich determined that diallyl sulfide, a major component of garlic, reduced the growth of colon cancer in mice. A related experiment showed that diallyl sulfide may prevent cancer of the esophagus and help in preventing prostate cancer in some individuals.”

In the Journal of Hypertension, data collected showed by taking garlic the volunteers’ blood pressures were reduced by 1-5 %. The data showed strokes were reduced by 30-40% and heart attacks could be reduced by 20-25%.

A clove, not a bulb, can improve your overall health while 2-3 cloves a day can help ward off colds.  You can add garlic to your yogurt or cottage cheese to help cover the taste of garlic. You can  eliminate garlic breath by eating a small piece of fresh parsley, eating a lemon, drinking lemon juice, or eating a crushed clove in olive oil. If you have Parmesan-Garlic oil dipping seasoning, add a clove to it when you add the olive oil–great for bread dipping.

In addition to helping promote a healthy immune system, Garlic also helps promote a healthy cardiovascular system. Its properties fight the bad cholesterol and diminishes the radical damage to cholesterol; thus, reducing the start and progression of arteriosclerosis. Heart patients should consult with their doctors before using garlic supplements and/or putting garlic in their daily cooking because garlic has blood thinning properties just as prescription blood thinners. Also garlic supplements should not be taken two weeks before surgeries because of blood clotting and risk of bleeding. As with all supplements inform your doctor and pharmacist because they can interact with medicines.

If you or someone you know has a condition called “intermittent claudication” garlic can help them because its properties help improve the body’s peripheries. When using the garlic people involved n studies could walk further distance and walk without the pain and discomfort they had prior to adding the garlic to their diet.

Because Garlic contains salicylic it is a natural help with headaches and joint pain. Although It also acts as an aspirin as mentioned above, it also keeps the red blood cells from clumping together, dissolves clots, and lengthens clotting time. Garlic keeps your blood flowing naturally through your body.  So now we can see garlic as a means to help prevent strokes and heart attacks not just adding flavoring to our meals.

Garlic can also help with weight loss because of how it works with body fat. In conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet, it is an excellent and effective means of reducing fat.

Did you know if you just have a beer or glass of wine after dinner that it interferes with the body’s ability to stimulates endogenous lipogenesis and breakdown dietary fats? Alcohol when consumed even in a very small amount controls the body’s mechanisms making it impossible to breakdown and eliminate fat. Taking garlic doesn’t give you a license to drink, although it does have the properties to dramatically reduce the bad consequences of the bad choices we make in our food and liquid intake.

The two main ingredients in garlic which promotes these healthy benefits is Allicin and Diallyl Sulphides.  Allicin isn’t produced until you finely chop or crush it. The finer you chop it or press it, the better because more allicins are generated and the stronger its health effects.  “Allow 10 minutes before adding the chopped or pressed garlic to your recipes to allow the allicin to develop fully.”  So press or chop the garlic before beginning the cooking process. It begins to decompose quickly; therefore its health benefits decreases over time. Cooking speeds up the decomposition process and is destroyed when microwaving.  “Add the garlic about five minutes before the end of cooking – this way you apply just enough heat to convert the allicin into medically active compounds.”

For the best results add pressed garlic toward the end of the cooking process.  By adding it to the end of the recipe you will also keep most of the flavor. And remember if a little is good, more is better, does not apply to garlic!  Too much raw garlic can produce irritation of and/or damage to your digestive system.

Diallyl sulphides do not decompose as quickly as allicin when cooking. These help lower the bad cholesterol and boosts the immune system. For the health benefits to be produced, garlic does have to be chopped or crushed.  “If garlic is not crushed or chopped there are relatively no health benefits to eating garlic.”  The breakdown process of these in the body is just a couple hours so again more at one time is not better.  To receive the benefits of garlic it is better to add it often to your meals rather than an overdose at one meal.

I often add 2-4 cloves of pressed garlic toward the end of the recipe and reduce salt in meal preparation. The garlic replaces salt for me in the preparation.  When using salt I use sea salt which has so much more health benefits than table salt. Again, its much healthier to use.

As a kitchen specialist if you email me I can help you locate the sea salt, the  oil dripping seasoning, a garlic press, a garlic peeler and garlic slicer which are not only easy to use but comes with a guarantee.  This means no more handling the smelly garlic yet still being able to add it to our meals so we can reap the many health benefits of adding garlic to our meals.  Eating healthier, easier and quicker preparation of meals means not only a healthier you, but a healthier family.

Food allergies

Often times people who are affected by outdoor allergies are also allergic to particular foods.  Did you know that the protein in ragwood protein is the same protein found in zucchini, sunflower seeds, cucumber, bananas, and cantaloups?     The protein found in oranges, peaches, tomatoes, melons and celery is related to grass pollen.   Pitted fruits, peaches, cherries, pears, apples, walnuts, potatoes and celery are related to the birch pollen. 

According to Immunologist Dr. Hannelore Brucker, who treats many seasonal allergy patients patients with food-related issues in her practice at the Southdale Allergy and Asthma Clinic in Minneapolis, “Once your body is allergic to pollen, the allergy to the corresponding food continues, even if there is no pollen present.” “The mechanism is the same. Either way, you’re allergic to the same protein.”

Since cooking the veggies and fruits changes the makeup structure of the food’s protein, it often changes the severity of the reaction. Even the possibilities of having a reaction can be slim to none. Although a reaction to raw cherries may occur, eating a baked cherry pie with them could be okay. Before proceeding to eat anything you are allergic to processed differently, it is recommended you check with  your doctor because food allergies can be severe enough to cause life threatening situations.

Some people feel they reduce the chances of an allergic to fruits and veggies by peeling them.  Beware of this notion.  “The proteins may be found throughout the fruit and vegetable, not just near the skin,” says Brucker.

I mention this because I have heard some people say they use food choppers and food processors to change the appearance of food or to disguise food so people will eat them. Be sure to ask guests if they are allergic to any foods before serving a meal if you do this.  It could be a horrible day if trying to disguise nuts, fruit or onions for example because you felt someone just didn’t like the taste of them, to later find out in a life threatening situation, they refused such foods because of allergies.

It’s important to remember that oral allergy syndrome and food allergies do create similar problems, food allergies are normally much more severe in nature. In food allergies, the entire body reacts. These reactions could cause life threatening situations because itchy eyes, flushed skin, etc. can rapidly turn into swelling throat and bronchial tubes.  

You could have never been allergic to shrimp for example and one day, go to a dinner where shrimp is being served and your throat begins to close up. If so, if benedryl is available take it immediately for a quick fix and seek medical assistance. 

 And according to Allergist Dr. Clifford W. Bassett, medical director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York, and vice chairman of public education at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, “as many as one-third of the people with seasonal allergies experience oral allergy syndrome,” and “In some cases, the oral allergy syndrome experienced by people with seasonal allergies can progress into a food allergy,”.

In closing, food allergies should not be taken lightly. And again, if you or someone you know appears to be having an allergic reaction, seek medical attention quickly.

New Year Resolutions?

Every year around the first of January, people make new year’s resolutions. Some are religious, others are concerning healthier habits and still others are of a financial nature.  Some have held to their resolutions while others have slipped.

Regardless as to which category you find yourself, look at the benefits of Waiora for your health and your income!  Waiora offers both the answer to additional income and supplements that will help you attack the invisible killers (environmental toxins) and treat toxicity caused by these invisible environmental toxins.  

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“The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself to it.” Mack R. Douglas

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Garlic as a Food which prevents Cancer?

Just recently I read a news release that says the American Institute for Cancer Research recommends foods that are plant based.

“Many people are beginning to realize there are foods you can splurge on and eat in moderation, and there are foods that you should consume on a regular basis because of their beneficial properties,” explains Enzo Febbraro, co-owner and executive chef of Washington D.C.-based D’Aqua Ristorante. “Whether dining out or eating at home, it’s usually pretty easy to incorporate some of them into your diet, once you know which ones are the anti-cancer powerhouses.”

So if eating on a regular basis –garlic, grapes, tomatoes, whole grains, veggies, beans, and berries–may reduce the chances of cancer, we not only owe it to ourselves but to our families.    

Garlic is an ingredient many people shy away from because they do not know enough about garlic.  Garlic is sold in bulbs, with about fifteen-twenty cloves. A recipe normally calls for one to four cloves.  So please, please, do not confuse bulbs and cloves. This is often discovered by people new to my cooking shows.

Preparing garlic has never been easier using a garlic press. With this tool there is no longer a need to peel or handle the garlic. There is no mess, once pressed, use a knife to scrape off the presed garlic that didn’t fall in the bowl or pan and then to remove the skin left in the press, use your knife’s tip to remove and throw in garbage. Simple and nice. 

If you add garlic at the beginning of the recipe, there will be a mild to no taste of garlic because garlic does mellow with cooking.  For those wanting a strong garlic taste, you would add the garlic toward the end of the cooking.  

Once you get used to cooking with garlic and understand when to add the garlic to the recipe, like myself, you will find yourself adding more than the recipe calls for.

Families Returning to the Dinner Table….Priceless!

Do you find yourself trying to figure out which fast food chain’s drive thru you visited the day before so you don’t revisit it again this week?  On December 19th,The American Council on Science and Health, presented twelve resolutions Americans could incorporate in their lives if they should choose to accept the responsibility for their health in 2009.

There is a better way to eat quickly and healthier than going through the Drive Thru.

 How?  By bringing families back to the dining room table.  This is possible when you use quality kitchen products that replaces labor with ease in the kitchen.

By spending 1 or 2 nights a week showing others how to bring their families back to the table, you can produce a nice supplemental income during the uncertain times we are living. Who couldn’t use an extra $400 PLUS at the end of the month?

Although some people are struggling economically, I have seen an increase in my personal sales these past few months. Why? Because girls nights out have become more of staying at home, cooking recipes and the money spent is on buying things that will make meals quicker and healthier for the family rather than on frivilous things that will be short term like a meal out or the movies. Families are eating home more, connecting, and re-establishing relationships as meals are being prepared in less time with more ease.

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Extra Income in an Unhealthy Economy

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Aging Healthier

 Chronic diseases exact a particularly heavy health and economic burden on older adults.

Much of the illness, disability, and death associated with chronic disease is avoidable through known prevention measures. Key measures include practicing a healthy lifestyle (e.g., regular physical activity, healthy eating, nutritional supplements and avoiding tobacco use) and the use of early detection practices (e.g., screening for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers, diabetes and its complications, and depression).

I have had tremendous results in my health through the products I began taking recently.  Since taking these products, I have had a better quality life by putting less money into these dietary supplements than I did in the prescription drugs which were just treating the symptoms making life more bearable but not improving my overall health.

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Will these products help you? I can offer “No Guarantees” but let me tell you how the combination of these products have helped me.  I was taking the maximum dosage of Advair twice a day, one dosage of Spiriva once a day, claritin once or twice a day, zertec at night, an allergy shot once a week and still some days I had to use an emergency inhaler of Ibuterol.   These drugs were costly, helped me breathe but left me feeling bad and yes, they were even effective in getting my air flow up to 300 on the flow meter.  But all these medications together were just allowing me to function indoors and outdoors without living in a bubble. The medications were not improving my health nor did my air flow improve past 300.  After 3 months on the dietary supplements, my air flow has inched just above the 300 mark. Now you ask, what’s the big deal with that?  Well not only has my air flow increased past the 300 mark, but I had stopped taking all the medications except the one claritan by day and the one zertec by night-both of these I can purchase over the counter  and I stopped the allergy shots 2 months ago.The allergy testing showed I was allergic to just about everything indoors and outdoors.

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A longevity revolution

Health and Wellness is a topic everyone is talking about when they are not talking about economic wellness.  So whether you are one who is looking to age healthy so you can still be an independent adult at 85 or you are 42 and your best friend recently died of a sudden heart attack or just diagnosed with cancer, many are seeking healthier alternatives to prescription medicines which often treat symptoms but does not offer healing or wellness. Did you know that prescription drugs taking as properly prescribed are listed in the top 5 killers in the Unites States? In one study, prescription drugs are listed as the 4th killer in the Unites States. In this particular study, 75% of the adverse drug reactions were actually “dose-dependent”. This means the people reacted to the “toxicity” of the drugs rather than being allergic to the drugs. This particular study revealed more people die from pharmaceutical drugs than those killed in automobile accidents each year.

The United States is on the brink of a longevity revolution. By 2030, the number of older Americans will have more than doubled to 70 million, or one in every five.